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Monday, August 18, 2014

New Facebook Testing That Tags “Satire” Sites

How often have you been tempted by an interesting news title in the Facebook News Feed and clicked on it only to find later on that it is a spoof? Either you had a good laugh or felt irritated by the distraction. Considering the confusion the spoofs or satirical posts create, FB is trying a new feature that marks all such news items as satire.

Facebook “Satire” Test For Blogs

Facebook is known to take its users’ feedback seriously and work on them. This time it has decided to act on the plea of several users who wanted to identify satirical news items from real ones and decide whether to read them or not.

It has been found that articles published under the related stories field in the News Feed section are marked with a small tag called “satire.” Facebook is running the test for almost a month now and a lot of satirical sites are being earmarked by it.

How New Tag is Being Perceived

As always, this new move from Facebook has received a lot of attention and contradictory comments. While the users welcome the effort many sites fear to lose their popularity. Have a look at the below image that clearly displays the posts marked as "Satire".

Image credit: Mashable

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Google Introduces New Shopping Campaign Upgrade Tool

The product listing ads are a thing of the past. Google shopping campaigns allows you to create more robust and user friendly retail ads that are user centric and also allows you to manage several ad groups together in an easier manner. The new shopping campaign upgrade tool will help you to create new shopping campaigns based on the existing product listing campaigns that you have under your Adwords account. 

If your campaign uses labels or grouping then updating your data feed is the best option available for you as this tool is not compatible for all upgrades. 

When using this tool, it is recommended that you set your PLA campaign to enabled and shopping campaign to paused. 

This upgrade will take several hours before your new shopping ads will go live.

How to Use the Shopping Campaign Upgrade Tool

1- Click on All online campaigns after signing in to Adwords.

2- The status for campaigns under “Shopping campaign creation status” column will say "Not Submitted". Click the Settings tab and click the campaign you wish to upgrade. 

3- Click the Get started button under “Create a Shopping campaign from this campaign" column. This will open up the shopping campaign upgrade tool.

4- Set the status as "Enabled" for your PLA campaign and "Paused" for your shopping campaign.

5- Click create campaign and proceed accordingly.

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Google Starts Using HTTPS As a Ranking Signal

In a recent webmaster blog post from Google, it is clearly specified that it will consider HTTPS as a minor ranking signal while ranking webpages on the search results. This came as a good news for sites that already have HTTPS in place. For those who don't, Google has given clear guidelines that sites that have secured socket transfer protocol in place can expect to rank higher in Google (provided the major ranking factors favors the site). 

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is a communications protocol associated with secured communication over the web. In simple words, the data passed between the client and the server is encrypted and remains safe from hackers when the communication takes place via HTTPS. Contrary to this, HTTP sites do not encrypt the data and the chances of data misuse remains a possibility. 

Why Google Used it As a Ranking Signal?

Google wants to make web a better and a safer place. It also wants its users to remain safe and displaying HTTPS search results will ensure better security to the end users as compared to non HTTPS search results. Google encourages all webmasters to switch from HTTP to HTTPS in order to get this minor ranking boost and to keep everyone safe on the web.

Here are some basic tips to make a switch over to HTTPS:

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Has Your Website Conversion Rate from HandHeld Devices Surpassed That of Desktop?

Yes, that's a big question because webmasters still do not feel the need to analyze and compare the conversion rate of mobile vs desktop traffic. I am sure, the way mobile search traffic is booming, most of the site owners will face a shock to see that their conversion rates from mobile devices have already surpassed the desktop ones. 

How to Check Mobile Vs Desktop Conversion Rate?

Following the steps below will help you to unleash the potential of mobile traffic. 

1- Login to Google Analytics and move to dashboards.
2- Click on "New Dashboard"
3- Click on "Add a Widget" 
4- Choose "bar chart", then choose "goal conversion rate" under create a bar chart showing and choose "device category" under grouped by column.
5- Click save.

You will see a chart as shown in the below figure.

This chart will reflect the number of conversions happening on your site through mobile and desktop devices. Clear enough, in most of the cases, the tablet, mobile traffic have already surpassed the desktop traffic. 

What does this means? This clearly indicates that webmasters should start implementing the mobile seo strategies for enhancing the conversion rate. 

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