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Authority and Relevance- Seo Gold Coins

Authority and Relevance

Seo Gold Coins
Seo Gold Coins (Image Source:-clker)
Build authority and relevance for your web pages.Here the definition of Gold means power. Authority and Relevance are the two most important metrics that Google uses in order to rank webpages. If you want to see your website pages rank like Wikipedia, About.com, wikihow.com etc, then start building these two metrics to your website. Now, lets understand how can we grab these Seo gold coins!


Getting authority into a website takes time and effort both. You cant get authority within days or weeks. To build authority to a website, you must build quality backlinks to that website. Remember quality backlinks are not FFA(Free for all) backlinks. Government and educational websites have the highest authority and if you are able to build a backlink to your website from any of these reputed sites , you have a very good chance of building reputation and authority.


This is an important metric for search engines. You can rank for keywords relevant to your website so relevancy is necessary. Make sure your website is a complete relevant source of information for keywords which you are targeting. Getting a few backlinks from local sites, local directories, local resources etc can make your website relevant with respect to Geo location. Also, the location of the server can also be taken into account while ranking the websites so if your website caters to the needs of a particular country then you should get a local server.

You should have an ideal combination of authority and relevance in your website. Remember both these factors are essential for the ranking of websites on Google. Trust is what Google is looking for! Build trust so that people start trusting your website's resources, if the people start trusting your website then Google will ultimately follow. We must understand the fact that Google is always looking to present its users with the most relevant results. Hence, Google searches for relevancy among the webpages and tends to show results from authority websites first then the rest of the sites.

How to build authority ?
Authority can be build by getting lots and lots of quality backlinks to your site.

How to build relevance?
Getting quality content on your website that is absolutely relevant to your keywords will help you in ranking better with respect to relevancy. Remember content can be text, images, videos anything. All depends upon the keywords chosen.

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