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Differences between Seo and Sem

People often get confused between the terms Seo and Sem and take both of them to be the same but actually there are differences between these two terms.


Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization

Seo gives website organic rankings on search engines

Seo helps to understand the ranking algorithm working for the search engines

Seo does not uses Adwords or other paid methods of advertisement on search engines

Seo results take time to achieve, normally between 3-6 months or more

Seo makes a website popular on the entire World Wide Web by creating references and backlinks

Even if you stop doing Seo, your site may keep its ranking for some days or months depending upon the competition and algorithmic updates


Sem stands for Search Engine Marketing

Sem gives a website inorganic rankings on search engines
Sem does not feels the need to do so

Sem uses Adwords and other paid methods of advertisement on search engines

Sem can your site ranked soon as it opts for paid advertising.

Sem do not uses the techniques of creating references or backlinks

The moment you stop Sem, your site’s position in Serps are gone. (Leaving the exception that your site is popular and already ranks on search engines)