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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of marketing strategy which uses electronic mails for creating brand awareness or generating leads. Email marketing has been a successful marketing strategy for years and many good companies have used this strategy for generating leads and to spread awareness about their brands. This method uses a commercial message, a large database of email id’s and a server to send emails.  Usually the same marketing message is sent to a large group of people for creating brand awareness and to persuade others to do a certain action as mentioned in the email. Generally, email contains some links which the receivers click in order to know more about the offers or services about the company.

Types of Email Marketing

Email marketing has been broadly classified into 2 types:-

Direct Email- These are customer acquiring emails which are sent with the sole purpose of creating more customers and generating revenue for the company. This form of email marketing uses database known as cold lists.

Email Newsletters – These are emails which are sent to the existing database of customers of the company. These are sent in order to get more traffic to the website and also to get some more conversions by spreading the special offers of the company.

Popular Email Marketing Software

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