Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Google Trends: Compare Keywords

Google Trends allows you to find out the top searches for any country or city of this world. Google Trends gives you an insight about the most popular searches for any country or region at any point of time. It is a great tool for comparing keywords as to how they performed in the past. It can provide you the exact cities and geographical regions where the searches have happened in the past or are happening in present.

How to search on Google Trends?

Searching and comparing keywords on Google trends is easy. You need to enter keywords separated by commas on the query box and Trends will show you the search volume index of the keywords. This data scale shown in the form of a graph is based on the average search traffic of the keywords you have entered. Google Trends sorts the results by region, city and languages.

Date provided by Google Trends
Google Trends generally provides two types of data and these are explained below:-

Hot Trends: - This feature shows you the top 100 searches for the past hour. It gets updated every hour and lets you know what the people are searching for the most.

Search Trends: - This feature allows you to view the search volume graph from the last five years of data. This helps to find out the popular keywords of the past as well as the present. This also helps to study a growth or a fall in the volume of search results.

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