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How to rank in Google (Ranking Factors)

Google rankings can be achieved with the help of a process known as search engine optimization or SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process through which we increase the quality and quantity of traffic to a website with the help of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. SEO makes your site more search engine friendly and makes it easier for the search engines to crawl and rank your website. SEO requires a lot of patience and is not a one day task.
Study the various Google ranking factors (Image credit:- Glowscotland)

Google ranking factors

Before we start optimizing a website in order to rank high in Google, we need to consider the points given below:-

     Study the structure of the website. Under the website structure notice :-

a-      The complete navigation of the website. Make sure each and every page is linked well and suitable anchor text is used.
b-      Check for the use of funky JavaScript, flash, frames etc. These should be avoided as the search engines have a hard time looking for the content behind it.
c-       Suitable Title and Meta tags are the key to successful ranking. These should not be overlooked.
d-      Look for the canonicalization issues with the website. Redirect the website to a single url using a 301 redirect in order to get the maximum link juice benefit.
e-      Analyze the website’s content with respect to the keyword density.
f-       Analyze the domain name with respect to the targeted keywords.
g-      Avoid excessive redirects on the site.
h-      Check for duplicate pages.
i-        Examine the code under the robots.txt file.
j-        Create proper sitemap.xml and sitemap.html files.
k-      Watch out for broken links.
l-        Maintain a well balanced site structure in order to receive the full flow of link juice.
m-    Check the crawl errors (if any) and correct them.
n-      Maintain a decent site speed.
o-      Check for the do follow and no follow links.
p-      Maintain the number of outbound links per page.

 Google considers various factors while ranking a website. It is due to the consideration of these factors that Google is able to deliver the best search results.

Main factors for ranking are:-

Factor 1:- Does that word or phrase exist on the page?

Google looks for the existence of the word on the web page. This is the primary requirement for ranking and almost all the search engines considers this as one of the most important factor for delivering the most appropriate search results.

Conclusion:- If you want to rank for a particular search query then make sure you have that word listed on your web page. Point to note is that, do not create pages consisting of only images. Use text and place your main keyword in the body of your web page.

Factor 2:- How often does that word occurs on the page?

Google analyzes the web page and searches for the number of times the particular search query appears on the web page. In seo terms this factor is known as keyword density

Conclusion:- You should have a good keyword density with respect to your main key phrase. We are not asking for keyword spamming! Make sure you do not spam but maintain a good ratio of content to the keyword ratio. Ideal keyword density is between 3-5%. You should have high quality content and you should write content for your audience and not for the search engines. You will automatically have a good content to keyword ratio if you are writing your content keeping in mind your audience.

Factor 3:- Content

     Content should be quality and fresh. Google loves fresh content and this is the reason it shows the last crawl date on the search results. Content summary is given below:-

      Create quality content considering the user in the mind. Do not create content solely for the search engines. Instead of creating 4-5 pages based on the same topic, create only 1 page and merge all the content together in order to get an informative page. Remember, even 1-2 poor quality pages can bring down the rankings of the entire site.

      Try to add fresh content on your site as Google loves fresh content. Content that are updated frequently may get a place in the rankings soon. 

      Use proper grammar and spellings while creating your content.

  Factor 4:- Relevance(w.r.t keyword)

      Relevancy is the most important metric for the ranking of web pages. The more relevant a web page is with respect to the search query, the higher rankings it would get in the search engines. While creating content, you need to keep an eye on the relevancy. Remember Google takes into account local factors for relevancy so if your business is local then make sure you have included local keywords while creating content. This is known as local seo. Do not forget to analyze your relevant content using Latent Semantic Indexing. This should not be ignored. As the time is passing, more semantic results are creeping up. Google is gradually becoming much smarter in understanding the exact relationship between the searched words.

   Factor 5:- Domain popularity
      Google considers the popularity of the domain while ranking web pages. The more popular a domain, the more the chances that it would rank high for queries related to its niche. Please make a note , domain popularity and domain age are not the same thing. Even though a site is 5 years old, it may not have achieved enough domain popularity. So , keeping that in mind, promote your website well, without considering the age of the domain because just by having an old domain does not guarantee you good Google rankings. One of the best example of website having excellent reputation is Wikipedia.  

   Factor 6:- Page popularity

       Page popularity is similar to domain popularity in many ways but the  difference is that a web page can become popular even though the domain has less authority. For example, you can be popular for a product and for that particular product you can rank higher. No matter, the site may have dozens of other products but the page displaying that one product could be more popular and hence get the search engine's love.

  Factor 7:- Social Media presence

      A very essential factor for ranking well. Nowadays, every website must have a social presence or else it will miss the love of Google. You can have an effective social media presence by creating a fan page , twitter account, linkedin account, myspace account etc and having many followers on all of these.Remember there are several social media etiquette which you must follow while promoting your brand or services on these websites.

      Disclaimer:- The information given above is my personal opinion based on internet guides and public forums. This information does not comes directly from Google. These are simple predictions and may not hold true at the time of your reading. I do not provide any guarantee whatsoever that the above information is correct  and can positively effect your rankings.

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