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Keyword Stemming in SEO

Keyword stemming is a word that should be highlighted in the minds of everyone who plan to build a website on their own and look forward to succeed in the highly competitive area. Before we start talking about keyword stemming, we should gather a clear idea on what a keyword is. It is nothing else other than the word that we search for, and keyword stemming is bringing up the variants for the keyword by adding prefixes or suffixes to it. It is also done by stripping the suffixes or prefixes. It is a technique used by the search engines. Algorithms for keyword stemming have been studied in the field of computer science since 1968, says Wikipedia. The first ever published stemmer was written by Julie Beth. That was also in 1968.


Keyword stemming is the process of generating new words from the same root word. 

The Process of Generating New Words

The new word is generated with the help of the following options:-
Keyword stemming
Keyword Stemming (Image source:-

 Adding a prefix to the word

 Example:- Adding "en" to the word "large"  makes it "enlarge".

       Adding a suffix to the word

      Example:- Adding "ful" to the word "sorrow"   makes it "sorrowful".

       Pluralizing the word

    Example:- Adding "ies" to the word "baby" makes it "babies".

This process helps webmasters and search engine optimizers to generate more traffic by creating words that are similar to their base keyword. Words generated with the help of the base word or stem are treated as synonyms by the search engines. For this reason, keyword stemming helps a web page to achieve greater relevance for search terms without the use of spamming.

Example of Keyword Stemming

Stemming can be explained by the following simple example. If flowering is your keyword, words like flowery, flowerlike, flower etc. will be identified with it. Similarly, the word experimenting can be identified as experiment or experimented. There is another method of adding adjectives or description before the word. For example, beautiful flower, best flower etc. The user may not always search for the same word. You have to try to be sure that your site pops up among the top results, even if the user goes for a variation. You can even see your site popping up offering multiple results.

A stemming algorithm reduces the words "practicing", "practiced", and "practices" to the root word, "practice".

Keyword Stemming and Google

Point to note is that Google does not use word stemming for all queries. It is query-specific .It would depend upon the users query whether Google would use the stemming algorithm or not.

Keyword Stemming Tool

A nice tool for generating words related to the base word is given below:-

Stemming tool

Importance of Keyword Stemming

Keyword stemming should be given enough importance because it can build up your website’s ranking as well as drop it. You should be very careful while adding the variants for your keyword. Keyword stemming can help the crawlers find your website and thus increase your traffic.

Keep in mind that your variants will never get enough importance as your keyword itself. Use the variants wherever you cannot use the keyword. It can also help you to avoid blacklisting that might be caused due to repetition of keyword. First of all, you should know the variants of your keyword that are given top ranking by the top search engines. It’s not so difficult to find it. All you have to do is search for your keyword and you will find it for yourself. You have to learn to arrange the keywords and its varieties according to their priority. It’s also better to have longer keywords so that search for related words can be directed to your sites. It is so because; stripping is also used in stemming. For example, the word playful in the query will be broken down into play using the technique of keyword stemming. Using plurals of your keyword is also recommended if possible. The longer the keywords you use, the greater is the chance for the search engines to find your site.             

Using these simple techniques in keyword stemming can help to ensure the traffic you always look forward to. But, keyword stemming alone cannot bring you instantaneous success. You should also remember that for success and contentment, you should be patient, especially when what you have is new, you should be ready to wait for best results.

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