Wednesday, May 23, 2012

List of Search Engines Other Than Google

Here you will find a comprehensive list of search engines other than Google.

1-Yahoo- Provides effective search results.(Results are powered by Bing).
2- Bing- Search engine owned by Microsoft.
3- Baidu - A Chinese search engine.
4-  Yandex- A Russian search engine.
5- Guruji- Indian search engine.
6- Just Dial- Popular Indian search engine.
7- Dogpile- Serves results from Google, Yahoo and Bing.
8- Altavista- Owned by Yahoo.
9- Ask- Another great search engine.
10- Excite- leading personalization Web portal.
11- Lycos- Search engine plus a network of community and social sites. 
12- Hotbot- Owned by lycos.
13- Blekko- Spam free search engine.
14- Sogou- Another Chinese search engine.
15- Seznam- Czech Republic search engine.

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