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Local Seo and Citations

Google offers a free business listing for local business on Google local places. This listing helps a user to find a company or services locally within his/her area. This helps to send quality and targeted traffic to the website. People are also able to contact the business immediately with the help of the phone number displayed on the listings. Besides, the listings also shows customer reviews which means it allows the user to check the genuineness of a business and read true reviews from the customer themselves about the services of the company.

How to do Local Seo ?

In order to show your company’s listing on top, you need to read the points mentioned below:-
1-      The business should be local, which means it would get the listing for the city the business is located in.
2-      Create a free local business listing for your business with the help of Google local places.
3-      Add complete address and other information. Verify your business so that it gets listed on Google.
4-      Create a complete profile of your business and add a catchy title keeping the users and the keywords in mind.
5-      Get some citations from local sources. Citations are references to your business from anywhere on the web. Citations may not necessarily contain a link to your website.

That’s all! If you are able to keep your listing complete and up to date with lots of local citations then Google would start loving your listing. Remember genuine customer reviews also plays a crucial factor in this process so you need to spend some time and be patient so that your customers come and write positive reviews about your company. You need to improve the services of your business so that the customers love you and add positive reviews or else negative ones might not look good. Do not try and add fake reviews on your local listing as this can be tracked easily by Google and who knows, you might get penalized for this. Improve your services, get the love of customers and get lots of local citations. Good Luck!

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