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On Page Seo

On Page Seo

On page Seo deals with making changes on the website to make it more search engine friendly. Under on page Seo, changes are made on the title tag, meta tags, site content, images, text, videos, other files and servers etc. On page Seo deals with making the basics well and then start promoting a website with the help of off page Seo. 

On Page Seo Checklist

·         Check the title tag of the WebPages. Title tag should be related to the content and should use the main keywords of the webpage.
·         Check the Meta tags (meta description and meta keywords tag) for proper and relevant text.
·         Check the uniqueness of content
·         Check the freshness of content
·         Solve the canonicalization issue.
·         Remove any broken links that might be present.
·         Add proper anchor text to links
·         Add proper alt tags to images.
·         Check the site on a text browser to see if the search engines are able to crawl the site correctly.
·         Add sitemap.html and sitemap.xml
·         Use proper headings and bold tags to represent title and important parts of the page.
·         Use minimum graphics, flash and JavaScript.
·         Check the loading time of the site. Site speed is an important factor in Seo.
·         Check the number of OBL’s (Outbound links) per page. It should not exceed 100 per page.
·         Checks the use of do-follow and no-follow.
·         Validate your website using W3C and check for any errors (both CSS and HTML) that might be present in your website.
·         Improve the structure of the website considering both the search engine point of view and user point of view.
·         Make sure proper file names are given to each files and images.