Sunday, May 20, 2012

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

With this age of the internet, companies are spending a lot to build their online reputation. When searched for companies name on Google, there are many results which creep in Google. Some results may contain negative reviews about the company or its products and services. People handing Online Reputation of the company have the job of adding more positive reviews about the company using forum posting and other online marketing strategies so that customers are able to read more positive reviews about the company and its products or services.
Companies have witnessed a decrease in their online sales due to these so called negative reviews and false scam allegations. Online reputation management improves information about individuals, businesses and organizations contained in the public domain.  It ensures that the information about them is accurate, up-to-date and authentic.

Techniques of ORM

1-      Forum posting to add more positive reviews.
2-      Providing proper feedback on forums regarding the questions asked by the customers.
3-      Creating new content about the company’s product or services.
4-      Sharing positive buzz about the company on popular social media networks.
5-      Creating blogs.
6-      Building social media profiles.
7-      Mailing webmasters for removal of negative content.

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