Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seo Checklist

A comprehensive list of seo checklist which should be used by search engine optimizers before they start optimizing a website.

SEO Checklist

1-      Check the Url of the site for Canonicalization.
2-      Check the domain age.
3-      Check the title tag.
4-      Check the Meta Tags
5-      Check for Duplicate content.
6-      Check for broken links
7-      Check for alt text on images.
8-      Check for proper anchor text.
9-      Check Page Rank.
10-   Check Alexa Rank’
11-   Check number of indexed pages on Google.
12-   Check number of indexed pages on Yahoo.
13-   Check number of indexed pages on Bing.
14-   Check number of backlinks.
15-   Check for breadcrumbs.
16-   Check for sitemap.html
17-   Check for sitemap.xml
18-   Check for Google webmaster validation.
19-   Check for analytics code.
20-   Check robots.txt
21-   Check the use of nofollow on hyperlinks.
22-   Check number of OBL’s on site.
23-   Check image hyperlinks.
24-   Check use of H1 tags.
25-   Check use of bold or emphasized tags.
26-   Check the site on text only browser.
27-   Check for W3C validation.
28-   Check for CSS validation.
29-   Check for cached version of website on Google,Yahoo and Bing.
30-   Check for hidden texts and hidden links.
31-   Check for doorway pages.
32-   Check for unnecessary java scripts.
33-   Check for flash or other videos( look for proper alternative text).

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