Saturday, May 19, 2012

Social Media promotions for large corporations

As the social sphere is growing, so are the large corporate organizations paying more attention towards promoting their business using social media. There are several channels for social media and the big brands want to rule them at large. In this process, these corporate giants are spending lots of money to keep their business 'up' in terms of promotion. This post would discuss about what the organization must do in order to gain trust, what resources should they use, what manpower should they hire and how should they get the things done in order to get a 'catchy edge' ahead of their competitors.

How should large corporations promote their business on social media?

1- Decide the objectives of the campaign.

Before you start any campaign for brand promotion, you must decide the objectives of the campaign. You should answer:-

a- What shall the campaign do?
b- What demographics will it use?
c- Will it promote the 'brand' or simply the 'products'?
d- How many channels will it use?
e- What shall be the percentage of return on investment?
f- How would you maintain the impact of social media?
g- Will your main business objectives get fulfilled using this campaign?
h- What would be your ideal audience?
i- Do you want to enhance customer service with this campaign?
j- Do you expect an increase in sales?
k- Do you want to keep your consumer updated?

These and many more questions are necessary before you actually start spending on your campaign.

2- Hire Social Media experts

The young generation are social media crazy. The big brands must understand this and utilize this towards the growth and promotion of the company. A team of dedicated social media experts can boost the rate at which your brand buzz moves. You can have an in house team of experts devoted to promoting your products or services on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger, Wordpress, Orkut, Scribd, Myspace etc. Using an inhouse team would be better as you can have more trust in them, and can invest for a long term. Remember social media maintainance can be time consuming so hiring experts can ease your pressure. 

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