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Top 5 Social Media Tools

Top 5 Social Media Tools that can help spread the buzz

1- Buffer App- Engage with our audience 24 hrs a day!
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Thumbs up to Top 5 Social Media Tools (Image Source:- Candlefind)
An amazing social media tool that makes social sharing easy. Buffer automatically posts your message at a specified time on your social media profile. You can fill as many buffers as you can and see the magic yourself. I would like to thank Mr. Joel, the founder of Buffer App for this amazing and unique tool. Just imagine you can remain active on all of your socialmedia accounts all day and all night long. I mean 24 hours a day! This is the power of buffer.

2- Seesmic Ping- Connect all your social profiles together
Now, there is no need to sign into each and every socialmedia profile in order to write a post. Just connect all of your accounts together on seismic Ping and see the post appear in all your social media profiles at once. Seesmic provides separate applications for web, mobile and desktop sharing.
The web app provides an easy user friendly interface where you can see the trends, mentions, wall posts of your twitter and facebook accounts and much more.

3- Sprout Social- Complete Social Monitoring
Sprout Social is a paid tool providing an easy to use interface for connecting with your audience and for managing teams and large social channels at a single place. With Sprout Social, you can:-

  1- Monitor your brand across all social channels. 
              2- Send messages with the help of an efficient messaging system built right in your dashboard.
              3- Schedule your posts to publish at a specific time.
        4- Effective discovery tool to connect with potential customers.
              5- Measure the effectiveness of the campaigns with detailed reports and analytics.

4- Hootsuite- Measure and Track your campaign results
Hootsuite is growing in popularity after every passing day. It is a perfect social media management system which allows you to execute and track your social media campaign across a channel of social media sites. It provides custom analytics where you can effectively manage your Facebook, Twitter, Google Pages,Linkedin,Myspace,Foursquare and other campaigns.

5- Crowdbooster- Let the flow come!
As the name suggest itself, Crowdbooster is a new generation social media tool which helps businesses to find out the best target markets for their products or services in the social sphere. It recommends a plan of action to reach important influencers and also suggest how to plan your content wisely. It’s a genius tool for experimenting and analyzing the social reach of your business. It provides high quality analytical tools to easily understand your progress.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for including Sprout Social in the list, Joydeep!

Brittany Morse Thompson
Social Marketing Manager | Sprout Social
My Pleasure Brittany, Sprout Social deserved this.
Living Streams said…
Nice idea but social media is movnig so fast - oneof your five, YourBuzz is no longer accepting new accounts because it ceases to exist from 6th August 2012.

Living Streams said…
Crowdbooster only monitors Facebook (account) and Twitter. Surely to be a useful measure of web social activity and influence it also needs to monitor Facebook Pages, Google+, Google+ Pages, LinkedIn and blogs?
Thanks Living Streams for letting me know,I have updated my article and included Hootsuite in place of YourBuzz.
Yes,you are right Living Stream and I firmly believe that Crowdbooster would upgrade its current product to include more social media sites. But currently, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most influential social media platforms and getting a dedicated tool for the effective maintainence of these platforms is not bad! The special features with this product are its suggestions and its graphs which helps to analyze the real flow of traffic.