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What do you love? by Google

See what Google offers you with “What Do You Love” ?

Google has some amazing products to offer and if I talk about one such mind blowing and innovative product then that would be “What do you love” . Its another form of search but this time, the search engine would provide you with several options with respect to a users query. You can choose the one option which you love the most. Keep in mind SEO’s, all the options which comes up are business verticals of Google itself. The idea is to keep a person busy in Google itself. They can migrate from one place to another but would remain within the boundaries of Google.
It’s an innovative approach from user point of view. Basically its an approach which cares about your passion. If you have a passion for Bikes, Cricket, Beauty, Stamps etc then this product could help you a lot. Google What do you love (wdyl) displays a list of 19 products (may add some more later on) with respect to the users query. You may find the list below:-

List of Products under WDYL 

1-      Google Maps   
2-      Youtube 
3-      Goolge Sketchup
4-      Blog search
5-      Calendar
6-      Patent search
7-      Google Translate
8-      Google Books
9-      Google Voice
10-   Chrome
11-   Image search
12-   Earth
13-   Gmail
14-   Google mobile
15-   Trends
16-   Moderator
17-   News
18-   Groups
19-   Alerts

Give it a try- WDYL !!!

Seo point of view

Google is slowly and gradually diverting the web traffic of the most popular keywords in the industry towards this product. Instead of optimizing for just web results, start optimizing for Google products like Google news, Google books, You tube etc.Have your website listed on youtube for more popular queries as it may help you in future.