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White Hat Seo

White Hat Seo refers to the set of Seo practices that are approved by the search engines. White Hat search engine optimizers follow the set of procedures and guidelines issued by the searchengines. Professionals who follow Search engine guidelines for optimizing a website are known as “White Hat Seo’s".

White Hat Seo Techniques 

      Maintaining the site structure.
     Avoiding cloaking.
     Using proper text links to link inner web pages.
     Avoiding duplicate content.
    Using relevant alt text for images.
    Using proper keywords.
    Writing content for human readers.
    Creating a site map to link inner pages.
    Removing any canonical issues that might have with the main url.
   Avoiding hidden text or links.
   Avoiding doorway pages.
   Avoiding participation on link farms.
  Correcting broken links.
  Removing any improper code in the robots.txt file that might block the search engines from  indexing  the site.
  Maintaining loading time of the site.

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