Saturday, June 30, 2012

Navigation in Seo

Site Navigation in SEO- Search Engine and User Friendly Navigation

Site Navigation is one of the most fundamental issues with search engine optimization. Site Navigation is an essential component of a website and must be prepared keeping in mind both the search engines and the user. 

Navigation for Search Engine- Make sure all the menus (site pages ) are accessible by the search engine bots.

Navigation for User- It should be user friendly with ease in navigation with proper choice of colors.

site navigation in seo
Site Navigation in Seo
(Image Source:- Adobeperson )

Types of Navigation

Header Navigation- The Navigation menus are displayed on the header area (Most common one)

Sidebar Navigation- The Navigation menus are displayed on the sidebar (Can be found on blogs)

Secondary Header Navigation- The Navigation menus are displayed under the first header.

Drop Down Navigation- Additional drop down menus are displayed as a drop down from the header menu.

Breadcrumb Navigation- Helping users to track their location. Useful for large sites such as E-Commerce websites.

Flash Navigation- Used to make the site more attractive (Not search engine friendly as the crawlers find it difficult to crawl Flash based websites).

Guidelines for SEO friendly Navigation

1- Keep navigation simple and use basic HTML Text based navigation to prepare it. It's beneficial for both the user and the search engine crawlers.

2-  Many web designers make the mistake of using images and funky java scripts for navigational purpose. These links may not be seen if the user is viewing the website after disabling the javascript.

3- Use breadcrumbs and category navigation for large e-commerce websites.

4- Use direct static HTML link to every inner page of your website.

5- Do not use more than 100 links per page as the search engine crawlers might ignore large volume of links from a single page.

What is a Twitter Hashtag ?

The Twitter Hashtag

Twitter Hashtag
Twitter Hashtag
(Image Source:- Firepolemarketing)
 A twitter hashtag ( #) is a normal hash symbol used specifically to categorize keywords on the popular micro blogging site, Twitter. It is a way to search global tweets.


Suppose you want to find out all the tweets mentioning seo then you will have to precede the hash tag before your search keyword. In this case, it would be #seo .

Friday, June 29, 2012

Orphan Page

Orphan Page

An Orphan Page is a page on a website with no inbound links. No other page links back to an Orphan page , hence the term “Orphan” is given to these pages. These type of pages serves no useful purpose as they are present on the website but no other page provides link back to these. As such, no link juice passes on to these pages.


A typical example of an Orphan page is given below:-

Orphan Page
Figure illustrating the concept of an Orphan Page
In the example above, if the page thispageisorphan.html receives no backlinks from any of the pages of , then the page would be termed as an “Orphan Page”. Remember this page would be present on the server, i.e if you open the url directly, it would get open and show its contents but you won’t be able to find this page from any other pages of the website as no link to this page would be provided from those pages.

*The url used is just for example purpose, no such page exists on the site.

Questions related to Orphan Pages

Does Google crawls Orphan Pages ?

Probably Yes, leaving the exception that if you have not used robots.txt or meta robots tag to exclude it from search index.

How Google does finds Orphan pages if no other pages link to it ?

There are several ways for Google to find your site- If your site is having sitemap.xml then the Google bot might have found a reference to the page from there. If your site is in wordpress then Wordpress may ping the updates of new post to several sites , making way for Google crawlers to find it. Some people even say that Google finds it with the help of Google toolbar.

What is the difference between crawling and indexing ?

Crawling means finding a web page with the help of spiders , while indexing means including a web page in the search engine index.

Is sitemap.xml an orphan page ?

It is an Orphan page but you submit this Orphan page to Google to direct the search engine crawlers to find more pages on your site. Hence, you make a way for this Orphan page to get recognized by Google.

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Learn Seo from the comprehensive Seo blog , Seosandwitch.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Content Curation


Content Curation
Concept of Content Curation
Content curation  is an art of compiling information from a variety of sources and presenting them in a creative manner in front on your audience. Content curators compile the already available information from a variety of resources scattered around the web and compile them together in an organized fashion before their audiences. The curated content form a bunch of related content and satisfies specific user tastes. One may curate content on Cinema and gather the available content from the web together and all the cinema loving audiences might visit the content channel to find all the related information organized creatively in one place. This happens with the help of already available content curation tools.

Content Curation vs Content Marketing

Content curation  is different from content marketing in the way that the former uses available content on the web while the latter generates content on its own. It is the new form of content marketing and many businesses are using it as their marketing strategy.

 How to Curate Content?

Curating content is easy, we have several tools which help in compiling information from several resources and presents then before our audience in an interesting manner. You need to have links to various resources which you want to compile and then you may head forward to any of the listed content curation tools listed below. This process is easier than content marketing and also fun.

Content Curation Requires Creativity

You need to be creative enough to get the most out of content curation. Choosing the most relevant links, collecting images that goes well with the content, giving appropriate description to it and adding a personal touch into it are some of the ways you can add creativity to your content. Following the guidelines below would help to enhance your creativity while curating content:- 

1- Have adequate knowledge on the topic for which you want to curate content.
2- Gather possible sources of authority content.
3- Be versatile in choosing the sources i.e choose videos, infographs, slides, PDF's etc.
4- Find out some recent sources of content related to your main theme. (Hint: Use Google real time search)
5- Find out images for sources that are not having images of their own.
6- Write a description with a universal appeal.
7- Start sharing the content at regular intervals remaining active throughout the day.
Some good examples of Content Curation

(50+ list of Content Curation Tools)

2- Curata
3- Curationsoft
5- Googlereader
6- Pinterest
7- Mytweetmag
8- Bundlr
9- Netvibes
10- Newspin
11- Utopic
12- Trapit
Content Curation Tools Get traffic
Content Curation Tools- Easy traffic (Content-Curate-Traffic)
13- Faveous
14- Collected
15- Kweeper
16- Pinboard
17- Tweetedtimes
18- Iflow
19- Pearltrees
21- Retickr
23- Shariest
24- Memolane
26- Stribe
27- Getprismatic
28- Zootool
29- Bagtheweb
30- Bonzobox
31- Skloog
32- Crayon
33- Mysyndicaat
34- Mediaheroes
35- Yourversion
36- Pageonecurator
37- Digg
38- Zemanta
39- Chirpstory
41- Trailmeme
42- Qrait
43- Sphinn
44- Technorati
45- Flipboard
46- Storify
48- Diigo
49- Flocker
50- Dropmark
51- Schoox
52- Feedly
53- AtomicReach

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome Themes- 25+ websites providing Google Chrome Themes

Google Chrome is a web browser from the house of Google that makes browsing fast and easier. There are several websites offering free Google Chrome themes that you can download and use in your browser.

1- Chrome Theme
Google Chrome Themes
2- GoogleChrome Themes
4- 10coolest Google Chrome Themes
5- Chrome Poster
6- ChromeTheme from Lifehacker
7- VikiTech ChromeThemes
8- Freechromethemes
9- Chromeplugins
10- Brandthunder
11- Devianart Chrome Themes
12-10 bestcelebrity Google ChromeThemes
13- 10 great Google Chrome Themes
14- PrettyThemes
15- ChromeThemes for Ubuntu
16- Howto create your own Google Chrome Theme
17- Mahadev Chrome Themes
18- VrkmPhoto Chrome Themes
19- Animegcthemes
20- Cinderwick Chrome Themes
21- Awesomethemes from Techetron
22- 28 popularChrome Themes
23- PurpleBubble Chrome Theme
24- Themes fromBablative
25- WebdesignabilityThemes
26- 12Gorgeous Chrome Themes
27- ChicDesigner Themes
28- ArtistThemes

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Landing Page

Landing Page - Meaning and Goals

The page where people land after clicking on an advertisement is known as a “landing page”. These are specially created to generate sales and may contain text,images,videos or other elements. The goal of a landing page is to persuade user to do a certain action that may lead to sales. A landing page need not be the home page of the website. It is a special page created keeping in mind the targeted users.

Landing Page Essentials

1- Create specific landing pages for targeted users.
2- Limit the navigation and present the most important elements of your landing page to the user on the most visible area of the page.
3- You can experiment between different variations of your landing page and then choose the best out of them.
4- Choose a soothing background color so that it should not distract the user from fulfilling the main purpose.
5- Have minimum links on your landing page.
6- Use your keywords intelligently and have a neat and clean layout.
7- Have a catchy headline which persuades the user to generate a lead.
8- Analyze your conversion rate from time to time.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Create Free Facebook Cover Photos- 49+ websites listed!

Create Facebook Cover Photo - 49+ Websites you can use for free!

This one is for the Facebook geeks! After you have activated Timeline on your Facebook profile, you can make use of these 49+ websites to change your cover photo and give it a look of your choice. We all know, photo reflects our personalities so why not give a personality touch to your Facebook cover photo?

Activate Facebook Timeline before you can upload cover photo
Freedom to choose your own Free Facebook Cover Photos
(Image source:- Photos8)

To activate Facebook Timeline, visit :-

Login to your profile, click on get timeline and then click on publish it. You are done, now you can try out the numerous options available for changing your cover photo.

Now, start the magic!

After you have activated Timeline, its time to use the applications and free websites given below and get a customized and  different cover photo for your profile.

The list of 49+ websites(Applications) for creating a cover photo

2-  FBProfileCovers
3-  Facebookcovers4u
4-  Covermyfb
5-  Coverphotoz
6-  99coverphotos
7-  1coverphotos
8-  Hercovers
10- Myfbcoverphoto
11- Myfbcovers
12- Timelinecoverbanner
13- Coverphotodesign
14- Coverimages
15- Coverphotomagic
16- Coverphotofinder
17- Coverjunction
18- 99covers
19- Justbestcovers
20- Usethiscover
21- Profile-coverphotos
22- Coverphotos4fb
23- Firstcovers
24- FacebookcoverphotosPinterest
25- Pizap
26- Celerity Cover Photos
27- Timelinecovershelp
28- Fbphotomaker
29- Timelinecollage
30- Thesitecanvas
31- Covertimeline
32- Awesomecoverphoto
33- Image chef
34- Digital Blasphemy
35- Freefacebookcoverimages
36- Coverphotoed
37- Coolfbcoverpics
38- Freecoverdesign
39- Pagerage
40- Trickedouttimeline
41- Coverize Me
42- Disney Facebook Cover Photos
43- Sweet and lovely FB Cover Photos
44- Nickchill blog
45- Adventurelings
46- Cooltimelinephotos
47- Cover photos from Eurovision
48- Flower Cover Photo
49- Superfbcovers
50- Coverphotosite
51- Freecoverart

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Web Caching- Performance Benefit from Web Caching

Web caching
Web Caching
(Image Source:- Vargonen )
 Caching is a term used for naming the process of keeping the continually accessed files on a local area of computer so that the data retrieval becomes faster.

Web caching is done with the help of web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Netscape,Opera etc. The browser keeps the visited objects in their cache as per the directives contained in the HTTP header. This in return increases the performances and renders the results much faster.

The Process

1- Browser makes a request to the site.
2- The server responds with a 200 OK response code and returns the requested page.
3- The returned page may consist of the collection of objects such as images,css,Javascripts etc.
4- The returned objects comes with header containing the freshness information of the objects.
5- The browser stores the files and resources on its cache and when the user requests the same website again from the browser, it resends the requests to the server. The server returns 304 Not Modified response header, specifying the file in the cache of the browser is valid.
6- The browser presents the website to the user directly from its cache resulting in massive performance benefit.

Seo Benefit

The site speed is an important factor in the seo process. The site that loads fast is loved by the user. You can eliminate the unnecessary waste of bandwidth by using the correct cache control headers which would result in increased user performance and a decreased server load.

Example Cache Control Header

<filesMatch "\.(ico|pdf|flv|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|js|css|swf)$">
Header set Cache-Control "public"
Header set Expires "Mon, 22 Jun 2009 13:00:00 GMT"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

list of Seo Software

Search Engine Optimizers always look for special software which can ease their work to some extent. There are several Seo Software available in the market which could come handy for an internet marketer. This post shares big list of various seo software which you can use for your seo works.

I Business Promoter helps you get guaranteed high rankings. It can get your website gain search engine visibility on Google,Yahoo,Bing etc. As per the company's website, it uses only ethical search engine methods for ranking web pages. This software comes in two editions as mentioned below:-

IBP Standard edition
 This one is for small business owners who want good rankings on search engines.

IBP Business edition
This one is for companies who manage several domains at a time.

IBP Website 


This one comes straight from one of the most trusted sources of search engine optimization mentors- Rand Fishkin. This software is a boon for search engine optimizers as it provide you in depth data for almost all the tasks that you carry on a daily basis. It tracks your website's ranking on search engines, suggests changes fro your site,gathers data about your competitors, thus saving you a lot of time.It comes with a 30 day free trial then the software costs $99 per month(Pro edition).

Pro- For managing 5 campaigns and tracking 300 keywords

Pro Plus- For managing 12 campaign and tracking 1000 keywords

Pro Elite- For managing 30 campaigns and tracking 3500 keywords

Seomoz website

Traffic Travis

An interesting free software providing on page data, competitor analysis, tracking backlinks and search engine rankings, analyzing PPC competitors etc.

You can download the software for free after registering.

Traffic Travis website


A powerful Seo software automating your regular Seo tasks used for promoting a website. You can automate the process of backlink building completely with the help of SENuke.

You can free download SENuke.

SENuke Website

Friday, June 22, 2012

Difference between Facebook Pages and Groups

1- Facebook pages are created for brands or business while groups are created for common discussion communities.
2- Facebook pages have search engine friendly urls, while groups have ugly urls.
3- Application support is available for Facebook pages but not for Facebook groups.
4- Page insights are available for Pages but are not for groups.
5- Pages display information on public domain, posts are visible to everyone while Groups may have closed or secret permissions.
6- You can customize a Facebook page, plenty of options are available but groups have limited customization.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google provides you with many operators and commands which you can use to save time while searching for specific information. These search tricks and useful tips might present before you instant answers which you never thought it even existed on Google.

1- Searching for an exact phrase

 When you are searching for an exact phrase like Enid Blyton Biography then you may use the quotation marks ("").

 Example:- "Enid Blyton Biography"

This would return the pages that has the exact phrase "Enid Blyton Biography" , in normal cases Google might use any of the three words from the search query while searching for webpages.

2- Finding local time of any city

Next time, if you want to find the exact local time of any city then use the local time in command.

Example:- local time in london

This would return the local time of London. If you want to find the local time of the place where you are present while searching on Google, just type local time and it would return time the local time of the place. Try it!

3- Finding Showtimes of Movies running in your city

This one is for movie freaks. If you want to know the showtimings of the movies running in your city then just type the showtimes command .

Example:- Showtimes

This would return the list of movies running in your city with their genre language. You may click on any movie of your choice and find out the timings of shows. If you want to find out the showtimings of movie for a different city then add the city name post the showtime command- like- showtimes New York .

4- Finding information about exchange rates

The stock command helps you to find information about exchange rates with graphs. You need to add the abbreviation of the stock post the stock command.

Example:- stock mcd

This would return the stock exchange rates of Mc Donald's Corporation along with a graph.

5- Finding definition of a particular word

You can find the definition of any word within seconds with the help of the define command .

Example:- define:brontide

This would return the definition of brontide using sources like Wikipedia, etc.

6- Finding information within a particular site or searching within a site

Suppose it happens that you want to search for webpages from within a site, then you can use the site command followed by the + operator.

Example:- + google

This would return the webpages from the site containing the word google in them.

7- Finding location of a particular region

Finding location of any region is rather easy with the help of the location of command.

Example:- location of nainital

This would return the exact location of Nainital using Google maps.

8- Using Google as a Calculator

Instead of locating your systems calculator every time you want to calculate something, just type your calculations on the Google search box itself.

Example:- 45+89

This would return the addition of the numbers 45 and 89 i.e. 134. You may replace the + operator with - , /, * etc.

9- Finding Weather data

The weather command helps to find out the weather related data of any particular city.

Example:- weather Mumbai

This would return weather details of Mumbai city which includes temperature and weather forecast.

10- Finding the population of a particular country

You can use the population command for finding the population of a particular country.

Example:- Population India

This would return the total population of India using sources such as World Bank or Census Bureau.

11- Finding related searches

If you want to find out similar content related to a particular website. Then you can use the related command.


This would return webpages that are having similar content as Google.

12- Searching for pages that have a particular word in title

If you want to find out all those web pages that are having a particular word on the title of the document then you must use the allintitle command.

Example:- allintitle:Rose

This would  return all the pages that are having the word "Rose" in their title.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to do Effective Keyword Research in Seo

Keywords are the most important part of Seo. Before you actually start promoting a website, you need to choose your keywords carefully. These short or long phrases might directly affect your business growth.

What are Keywords?

These are those words that people type in Search Engines to fetch the desired results.

Learn more :- Keywords

Keyword Research

There are several tools which help in doing keyword research properly. Some of the most popular tools are described below:-

Google Keyword Tool

This is a free tool provided by the search giant itself! This tool provides the Google search data  for user queries for the searched keyword. You can search either word or a phrase on this tool. You can find out the competition, global monthly searches and local monthly searches for the searched keyword.

Tip:- Choose keywords that have a low competition but having a high search volume. Choose a mix of long tail and short tail keywords.

Visit here:- Google Keyword Tool

Wordstream Keyword Suggestion Tool

Similar to Google Keyword tool but provides more keyword suggestions. This tool is a paid tool but comparing the options that it provides, it is worth buying.

Visit here:- Wordstream Keyword Suggestion tool

Some other tools:-

Youtube Keyword Suggestion tool
Keyword Discovery
Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

After you have chosen your keywords , you must use your keywords effectively in the document. A more detailed tutorial is available here:- How to use keywords effectively

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Difference Between Facebook and Twitter

Many people often get confused between the platforms provided by Facebook and Twitter.This post would help you to understand the major differences between Facebook and Twitter.

1- Facebook is more a social networking site where you can make friends often based on social interest . It allows you to post pictures as well. On the other hand, Twitter is more a micro blogging site allowing its users to post short messages (140 characters long) .

2- Facebook allows you to create pages for brands,business,social interest etc. while Twitter does not provide any feature of creating pages.

3- Facebook status updates remain active for a much longer period of time when compared to the Twitter updates. Tweets remain active for a short period of time.

4- Twitter allows you to find tweets based on certain topics with the help of # tag. Facebook does not have any such feature of tracking conversations.

5- Facebook allows you to create groups where you can send bulk invites to people whereas Twitter does not have any facility to create groups and to send bulk invites.

6- Facebook has a much larger user database than Twitter.