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If any website on the web links back to your website then it is termed as a "backlink" . It is an extremely important and the "most used" seo term in the search engine optimization industry. Google ranks webpages by evaluating websites based on a mathematical formula known as "PageRank" which counts the numbers and value of backlinks to a website. The greater the quality of a backlink, the higher you will rank on Google provided that all the other ranking factors are also maintained well. In short, one of the most important Google ranking factor is backlink.

Other names of Backlinks

Incoming links
Inbound links
Inward links

How a site gets backlinks?

The web rests on content. Each and eveyone out here is looking for valuable content which provides answers to their never ending queries. Numerous webmasters provide content on their website based on a particular niche. Some content may be good while the others are satisfactory. The good contents have the magical ability to get backlinks because people are more willing to link to a website which has useful content for its readers. In this way, site's gets backlinks either knowingly or unknowingly. Apart from this method there are several other methods for linkbuilding.

How to create a backlink?

Backlinks are normal hyperlinks. To create a backlink, you need to create a hyperlink to a site with a suitable anchor text as explained below:-

<a href=" ">Anchor</a>  

In the above example, replace siteurl with the exact url of the webpage which you want to provide a backlink to and replace anchor with a suitable text helpful for your users to understand where they may be redirected.

Again, if you want to know the methods of linkbuilding, then visit this post dedicated to linkbuilding:- How to create links

Backlink Checker Tools
The following tools help in checking the backlinks of your competitors site:-


Backlink Builder Tool

The following tool help in finding new sources of backlinks to your website:-