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Black Hat Seo Techniques

Black Hat Seo consists of techniques which are not approved by the search engines. These techniques are used to manipulate the natural ranking process of search engine algorithms and ranks a website using unethical tactics. Major search engines penalize websites using unethical Black Hat Seo techniques. These tactics are short lived and your website is always at a risk of being penalized as soon as the search engines find your spammy tactics. Methods used by Black Hat Search Engine Optimizers degrades the user experience and result in spamdexing.


Keyword Stuffing- In this method, lots of related keywords are stuffed under the keyword tag, in the content, in the title, in the alt tags etc. Excessive repetition of keywords results in Keyword Stuffing.

Hidden Text- These are text hidden from the user but visible to the web crawlers. Lots of keywords are used in hidden text which remains visible to the bots but the users are not able to see it.

Cloaking- This technique presents the user and the search engine bots with two different versions of the same web page.

Link Farms- It involves the spamming of backlinks by creating lots of sites which interlink to each other.

Doorway Pages- These are those pages which are specifically created to rank high on the search engines for some phrases with the sole intention of redirecting users to the main page.

 These techniques are not recommended if you want to see your website succeed in the long run.

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Anonymous said…
Nice Blog !!

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Anonymous said…
I agree with this post and because of the latest update in the algorithm all of the said techniques are fully blocked to Google and if you apply this in to your blog or website it will surely be penalize by the search engines. Thanks for the wonderful post..

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