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Difference Between Facebook and Twitter

Many people often get confused between the platforms provided by Facebook and Twitter.This post would help you to understand the major differences between Facebook and Twitter.

1- Facebook is more a social networking site where you can make friends often based on social interest . It allows you to post pictures as well. On the other hand, Twitter is more a micro blogging site allowing its users to post short messages (140 characters long) .

2- Facebook allows you to create pages for brands,business,social interest etc. while Twitter does not provide any feature of creating pages.

3- Facebook status updates remain active for a much longer period of time when compared to the Twitter updates. Tweets remain active for a short period of time.

4- Twitter allows you to find tweets based on certain topics with the help of # tag. Facebook does not have any such feature of tracking conversations.

5- Facebook allows you to create groups where you can send bulk invites to people whereas Twitter does not have any facility to create groups and to send bulk invites.

6- Facebook has a much larger user database than Twitter.