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Difference between RSS feed and Atom feed

RSS Feed Vs Atom Feed

Both RSS feed and Atom feed are small text files providing information about the updated content on the website. Still, there are some differences between the two and these differences are mentioned below:-

1- RSS is a more popular and widely used feed format while Atom feed is still used as an RSS alternative.

2- Atom feed is an IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) standard while RSS feed is not.

3- Atom feeds provides a variety of payloads whereas RSS provides either plain text or escaped HTML as payloads.

4- Atom uses the standard xml:lang attribute to specify a language to individual items contained in the feed whereas RSS cannot do that.

5- Atom supports the use of International Resource Identifiers while RSS does not support that.

6- Atom feeds have separate <summary> and <content> elements but RSS has no elements for holding a summary. It can only contain description.

7- RSS 2.0 is not an XML namespace while Atom 1.0 is in an XML namespace.