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Domain Name

Domain name is the name of your website which provides you with an authority to be represented on the World Wide Web. It consists of alphabets,hyphens or numbers but more specifically it conceals the IP resource associated with your website.

An example of a domain name is as follows:-

In the example given above, thisismydomain is your domain name and .com is your top level domain name. Every domain follows a domain name system which helps to translate the hostname (user friendly domain name consisting of alphabets,hyphens or numbers) into IP adresses.

How to book a Domain?

 You may book a domain name for yourself with the help of Domain name registrars which are authorized by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Some popular domain name registrars are given below:-

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Seo View of a Domain

Domain name is an extremely important aspect of Seo. Search Engines give good rankings to websites that have an exact keyword match domain name or atleast the main keyword is present in the domain. Hence, if you are selling Pizza and you have the word "Pizza" in your domain name then there are good chances that you might rank well for your targeted keywords. However, this does not means that no keyword domain name are of no value. Everything depends on the popularity of the domain, the backlinks, the brand value, the site authority etc. If you have done your basics right, then you have good chances of ranking higher on search engines with keywords that are not present in the domain name.

Update:- After the EMD update by Google exact match domains do not work anymore. So have domains that reflect your brand's online identity.