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Google Drive- Keep your files safe!

In Google's words, Google Drive is all about "Keep everything.Share anything". It is a safe place to keep all your important documents and other files. It provides you with a 5 GB of free storage space and also gives you the option to upgrade it to 25GB for only $2.50 per month. This storage device is meant to keep anything you desire under your Google Drive account which you can automatically login via Gmail. To access Google drive visit, .


It helps to create new documents and share it with your friends or collegues.
It offers real time editing.
You can work together on the documents at the same time.
The best feature is that you can share your drive link on the email , thus eliminating the need of bulky attachments.
You may upload pictures directly from your drive to your Google+ account.
You can view over 30 types of files on Google drive.