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Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google provides you with many operators and commands which you can use to save time while searching for specific information. These search tricks and useful tips might present before you instant answers which you never thought it even existed on Google.

1- Searching for an exact phrase

 When you are searching for an exact phrase like Enid Blyton Biography then you may use the quotation marks ("").

 Example:- "Enid Blyton Biography"

This would return the pages that has the exact phrase "Enid Blyton Biography" , in normal cases Google might use any of the three words from the search query while searching for webpages.

2- Finding local time of any city

Next time, if you want to find the exact local time of any city then use the local time in command.

Example:- local time in london

This would return the local time of London. If you want to find the local time of the place where you are present while searching on Google, just type local time and it would return time the local time of the place. Try it!

3- Finding Showtimes of Movies running in your city

This one is for movie freaks. If you want to know the showtimings of the movies running in your city then just type the showtimes command .

Example:- Showtimes

This would return the list of movies running in your city with their genre language. You may click on any movie of your choice and find out the timings of shows. If you want to find out the showtimings of movie for a different city then add the city name post the showtime command- like- showtimes New York .

4- Finding information about exchange rates

The stock command helps you to find information about exchange rates with graphs. You need to add the abbreviation of the stock post the stock command.

Example:- stock mcd

This would return the stock exchange rates of Mc Donald's Corporation along with a graph.

5- Finding definition of a particular word

You can find the definition of any word within seconds with the help of the define command .

Example:- define:brontide

This would return the definition of brontide using sources like Wikipedia, etc.

6- Finding information within a particular site or searching within a site

Suppose it happens that you want to search for webpages from within a site, then you can use the site command followed by the + operator.

Example:- + google

This would return the webpages from the site containing the word google in them.

7- Finding location of a particular region

Finding location of any region is rather easy with the help of the location of command.

Example:- location of nainital

This would return the exact location of Nainital using Google maps.

8- Using Google as a Calculator

Instead of locating your systems calculator every time you want to calculate something, just type your calculations on the Google search box itself.

Example:- 45+89

This would return the addition of the numbers 45 and 89 i.e. 134. You may replace the + operator with - , /, * etc.

9- Finding Weather data

The weather command helps to find out the weather related data of any particular city.

Example:- weather Mumbai

This would return weather details of Mumbai city which includes temperature and weather forecast.

10- Finding the population of a particular country

You can use the population command for finding the population of a particular country.

Example:- Population India

This would return the total population of India using sources such as World Bank or Census Bureau.

11- Finding related searches

If you want to find out similar content related to a particular website. Then you can use the related command.


This would return webpages that are having similar content as Google.

12- Searching for pages that have a particular word in title

If you want to find out all those web pages that are having a particular word on the title of the document then you must use the allintitle command.

Example:- allintitle:Rose

This would  return all the pages that are having the word "Rose" in their title.