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How to do Effective Keyword Research in Seo

Keywords are the most important part of Seo. Before you actually start promoting a website, you need to choose your keywords carefully. These short or long phrases might directly affect your business growth.

What are Keywords?

These are those words that people type in Search Engines to fetch the desired results.

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Keyword Research

There are several tools which help in doing keyword research properly. Some of the most popular tools are described below:-

Google Keyword Tool

This is a free tool provided by the search giant itself! This tool provides the Google search data  for user queries for the searched keyword. You can search either word or a phrase on this tool. You can find out the competition, global monthly searches and local monthly searches for the searched keyword.

Tip:- Choose keywords that have a low competition but having a high search volume. Choose a mix of long tail and short tail keywords.

Visit here:- Google Keyword Tool

Wordstream Keyword Suggestion Tool

Similar to Google Keyword tool but provides more keyword suggestions. This tool is a paid tool but comparing the options that it provides, it is worth buying.

Visit here:- Wordstream Keyword Suggestion tool

Some other tools:-

Youtube Keyword Suggestion tool
Keyword Discovery
Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

After you have chosen your keywords , you must use your keywords effectively in the document. A more detailed tutorial is available here:- How to use keywords effectively