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How to do Seo?

Seo is one of the parts of internet marketing which helps your website to gain visibility on the search engines. Seo drives in lots of traffic to your website with the help of keywords related to your business. Seo popularizes your site on the World Wide Web and makes it easier for your audience to find your website. 

Step1- See the Structure of the website

When you start doing Seo for any site, the first thing that you should notice is the structure of the website. Check all the content, menus, hyperlinks, images etc. Make sure all are set up in the correct position. Check for W3C validity; remove any CSS or HTML errors. If possible add breadcrumbs to your site which would increase your site’s crawlability.

Step 2- See all the parts of the website can be easily crawled by the search engines

Make sure all the pages can be crawled by the searchengines. Each and every page should be linked. Use text links with suitable anchor text instead of image links. Check for robots.txt to check the command given to the search engines in terms of crawlability of the website. 

Step 3- Analyze your competitors

Analyze your competitors and check their site’s popularity. You can judge a site’s popularity by the number and quality of backlinks, the freshness of content, the quality of content and the page rank of the website. Check for the domain age and number of indexed pages that a search engine has for the website. Analyzing your competitors would give you an idea about the amount of work which you need to do in order to get your site ranked on top for the chosen keywords

Step 4- Check the current status of the website

Now, it’s time to check the current status of your website on search engines. Check for the page rank, domain age, no. of indexed pages, time of cache, presence of site on leading social media sites etc. You will come to know about the current position of your website in the eyes of searchengines.
You should compare the current status of your website with that of your competitors and find out the exact amount of work which would be needed to deliver positive Seo results in a stipulated amount of time.

Step 5- Start building backlinks

After you have analyzed your website and your competitor’s website, you should start making your website popular. Popularity can be achieved with the help of quality and relevant backlinks. Do not spam; add original content to your site and increase link ability of your site. Spamming would not help you in the long run so increase the freshness and quality of your content and share your resources making it easier for the people to judge and evaluate your website.

Step 6- Start adding content and update your site regularly

In the seo world, it has been rightly said that “Content is King”. Having good content for your site would mean that you have the right materials to rank well and you have completed the first step for good seo. Now all would depend upon the freshness of the content so make sure to update your content frequently as the search engines love fresh content.