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How to present content on a website?

Content presentation is an art and webmasters must understand this aspect of marketing. The content should be presented well before the user as well as the search engines. Read the points given below carefully:-

1- Use heading tags to describe your title.
2- Choose fonts that are easily readable.
3- Use proper alt text for images.
4- Have unique title and meta tags for every webpage of your site.
5- Have clear navigation and if possible,create breadcrumbs.
6- Use proper spelling and grammar.
7- Use paragraphs and make it easy for the reader to read the contents.
8- Create contextual links to inner pages where it is beneficial to the user.
9- Before presenting the content, check the webpage on a text browser like lynx.
10- Do not display lots of ads on the page as it may degrade the user experience.
11- Keep on updating the content to maintain its freshness.
12- Avoid using iframes and fancy javascripts. Keep it simple for the user.