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Keywords are those words that are selected wisely to promote a website on the search engines. People enter these words in the query box of the search engines to find information.These are those words or set of words which are used by the user to search anything on search engines and which are used by the search engines as search strings for matching against documents.Search engine optimizers make use of these keywords as their main strategy for promoting websites. Keyword research is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization.In Seo terms, single word search terms are known as keywords and multiple word search terms are known as keyphrase.

Examples of Keywords

Some of the common examples of keywords are given below:-

easy recipes
popular outdoor games
plumber in + (City name)
sweet shops in + (City Name)
party themes
top places to travel etc.

 How to choose keywords ?

Selection of keywords is a tricky thing. Professional search engine optimizers take a lot of time choosing the right keywords. Each and every website should be analyzed properly before choosing keywords for promoting the website. The site should be analyzed for content, the geographical market of the business, the local value of the keywords, the real business prospect, the conversion rate, the global search results etc.

Popular tools for choosing keywords are as follows:-

Google Keyword Tool
Youtube keyword tracker
Keyword Discovery
Bing Keyword Tool
Market Samurai

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