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list of Seo Software

Search Engine Optimizers always look for special software which can ease their work to some extent. There are several Seo Software available in the market which could come handy for an internet marketer. This post shares big list of various seo software which you can use for your seo works.

I Business Promoter helps you get guaranteed high rankings. It can get your website gain search engine visibility on Google,Yahoo,Bing etc. As per the company's website, it uses only ethical search engine methods for ranking web pages. This software comes in two editions as mentioned below:-

IBP Standard edition
 This one is for small business owners who want good rankings on search engines.

IBP Business edition
This one is for companies who manage several domains at a time.

IBP Website 


This one comes straight from one of the most trusted sources of search engine optimization mentors- Rand Fishkin. This software is a boon for search engine optimizers as it provide you in depth data for almost all the tasks that you carry on a daily basis. It tracks your website's ranking on search engines, suggests changes fro your site,gathers data about your competitors, thus saving you a lot of time.It comes with a 30 day free trial then the software costs $99 per month(Pro edition).

Pro- For managing 5 campaigns and tracking 300 keywords

Pro Plus- For managing 12 campaign and tracking 1000 keywords

Pro Elite- For managing 30 campaigns and tracking 3500 keywords

Seomoz website

Traffic Travis

An interesting free software providing on page data, competitor analysis, tracking backlinks and search engine rankings, analyzing PPC competitors etc.

You can download the software for free after registering.

Traffic Travis website


A powerful Seo software automating your regular Seo tasks used for promoting a website. You can automate the process of backlink building completely with the help of SENuke.

You can free download SENuke.

SENuke Website