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Long Tail Vs Short Tail Keywords

In the Seo world, we talk about two types of keywords- Long tail keywords and short tail keywords. Long tail keywords consist of 3-4 words and are easier to rank. On the other hand, short tail keywords consist of 1-2 words and are harder to rank. Long Tail keywords usually contain the city name in them while the short tail keywords are the more popular ones and not limited to a specific area.

It would be surprising to note but its true that Google handles a large volume on long tail searches per day. Long tail searches are really useful when you want something specific. Long tail keywords helps to refine a search and often gives you the best results within no time.It is easier to rank your website for long tail keywords rather than short tail keywords because the competition you experience with long tail keywords is less when compared to short tail keywords.

Examples of Long Tail Keywords
  • Pizza outlets in New York
  • Send Cakes to Dothan Alabama
  • Cheap Plumber in Mumbai
  • Want a job in Texas
  • List of Christmas recipes
 Examples of Short Tail Keywords
  • Buy gifts
  • Online shoe store
  • Rose
  • Learn seo
  • Books