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Orphan Page

Orphan Page

An Orphan Page is a page on a website with no inbound links. No other page links back to an Orphan page , hence the term “Orphan” is given to these pages. These type of pages serves no useful purpose as they are present on the website but no other page provides link back to these. As such, no link juice passes on to these pages.


A typical example of an Orphan page is given below:-

Orphan Page
Figure illustrating the concept of an Orphan Page
In the example above, if the page thispageisorphan.html receives no backlinks from any of the pages of , then the page would be termed as an “Orphan Page”. Remember this page would be present on the server, i.e if you open the url directly, it would get open and show its contents but you won’t be able to find this page from any other pages of the website as no link to this page would be provided from those pages.

*The url used is just for example purpose, no such page exists on the site.

Questions related to Orphan Pages

Does Google crawls Orphan Pages ?

Probably Yes, leaving the exception that if you have not used robots.txt or meta robots tag to exclude it from search index.

How Google does finds Orphan pages if no other pages link to it ?

There are several ways for Google to find your site- If your site is having sitemap.xml then the Google bot might have found a reference to the page from there. If your site is in wordpress then Wordpress may ping the updates of new post to several sites , making way for Google crawlers to find it. Some people even say that Google finds it with the help of Google toolbar.

What is the difference between crawling and indexing ?

Crawling means finding a web page with the help of spiders , while indexing means including a web page in the search engine index.

Is sitemap.xml an orphan page ?

It is an Orphan page but you submit this Orphan page to Google to direct the search engine crawlers to find more pages on your site. Hence, you make a way for this Orphan page to get recognized by Google.

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