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SERPS:Search Engine Result Pages

SERP refers to Search Engine Result Pages. The page that is seen after the user has typed the query and pressed enter is known as "Search Engine Result Page" . These pages are designed to give users a user friendly experience for searching. The basic design of the result pages is the same for all the search engines.

Different Elements of Search Engine Result Page

The Query Box

This is the area where the user enters the search query.

Search Stats

Each Search Engine Result Page display the total number of web pages present in the search engine index related to the user query and the time taken to fetch the result links.

The Result Links

These are the results which the search engines presents to the user in response to the query entered on the query box. The result links also known as the result block displays three main information- the title of the result block, the description and a link to the web page. The result block also displays the cached link and the similar pages link which are explained below.

The Sponsored Links

These are the ads displayed on the top of the main result links and on the right hand side of the page. These are presented to the user with response to the search query entered by the user.

Cached Link

This link shows the cached version of the web page. Cached version means the last time the search engine bots visited the web page they found it like the one displayed on the cached version.

Similar Pages Link

This link displays more information related to the search query.

Related Search Queries

These are some search suggestions displayed under the main result links.