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Social Media Etiquette- Social Media Do's and Don'ts

People are spending more time on social media and there are several conversations going on covering almost every topic which you can think of. The next big thing in the world of internet is the "Social Media". There are several etiquette which one needs to follow for a better environment on these social sites.
Social Media Etiquette Do's and Dont's
Do share what's useful

If you belong to any community or group then you should share something that is useful and relevant to the community or group. Sharing and contributing to the growth of the community adds to your reputation and promotes a healthy conversation.

Do count your words

You must count your words and say more in a little. One good example is Twitter which allows only 140 characters per tweet. Posts that are extremely long are often avoided. Instead, share that is important and avoid including unnecessary words.

Be original

You must use your original identity across all your social media networks. Pe…

How to design Seo friendly Web Page

There are certain guidelines which you must follow in order to design a Seo friendly web page which increases your chances of ranking high on search engines. Read the below mentioned guidelines and try to incorporate these as basic design elements while designing your web page.

Use basic HTML

Nothing works better than basic HTML as the search engine crawlers can easily parse the content displayed via basic HTML tags. Hence, it is always advised to use basic HTML for creating content and links.

Use Title and Meta tags

Most of the web developers ignore the title tag and the Meta tag while designing the web page and this is one of the basic reasons for your site not performing well on search engines. Also, I have seen many designers using the company name as the title tag in the home page as well as all of its inner pages. This is not the best practice and should be avoided. Each and every web page has its own individual identity and as such, they must have unique title and description ta…

Seo for Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites are those huge shopping portals where people engage in buying and selling activities. These websites are large comprising of thousands of pages and as such doing seo for these websites requires a lot of extra effort and a few tricks.

Optimize the Product Page

For an Ecommerce website, the most important page is the product page. Make sure you are having a seo friendly url, proper title tag, unique product description and original user comments. An ideal product page should consist of the following parts:-

1-Have search engine friendly url's
The url of the product page should be search engine friendly. This can improve your seo and can get you good search engine rankings. An example of search engine friendly url would be :- or or
The above are examples of a good url structure


Suppose there is an ecommerce site selling Bir…

Click-through Rate- How to calculate CTR

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is displayed.

Formula for Calculating CTR
                     No. of times your ad is clicked
CTR =         ----------------------------------------
                    No. of times your ad is displayed


Let's suppose your ad receives 10 clicks per 100 impressions, then the CTR would be calculated as given below:-

CTR= 10/100
        = 0.1

A CTR of 1% is considered ideal.

Popular advertisement channels like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads use Clickthrough rate in their Cost Per Click model of advertisement.

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Top 10 Facebook Apps for promoting your Business Page

With the growth of Facebook as a social media platform, businesses have starting spending on the marketing channels of Facebook. The main business wing of Facebook is the Fan page which helps a business to grow on the world’s largest social media platform.

Top 10 Business Apps for Facebook Page  1- Networked Blogs

Add your blog on Networked Blogs and connect with other bloggers, friends, news feeds. Post news feed about your posts directly on Facebook, Twitter and Mobile. It has been correctly described as "Panorama of stories and pictures".

2-  Youtube Apps

It lets you display videos from YouTube directly on the wall of your fan page.

3- Livestream

It lets you broadcast your events live on Facebook and even has a chat feature for live chatting with your fans.

4- Slideshare Apps

Slideshare is the world's largest website for sharing presentations. You can add this app to share presentations created on Powerpoint, PDF etc. on your facebook page.

5- Pinterest Tab

Pinterest …

List of Mobile Web Browsers

Mobile search is increasing day by day and the need of Mobile Seo is also increasing. New Mobile Operating systems are available which gives you the flexibility to use any mobile browser of your choice, instead of using the built in browser. The top mobile browsers are given below:-

Opera Mini
Safari Mobile
Microsoft IE Mobile
Firefox Mobile
UC Browser
Bolt Browser
Dolphin Browser
Hp WebOS
JB5 Browser

Geo Targeting Ads From Twitter- Targeted Tweets

Now you can promote your tweets in a specific state of your business area and reach more specific customers. This is a great move by Twitter which would help the local business owners to give a head start to their business campaign.


An example of a promoted tweet is given below:-

How its beneficial?

Targeted tweets are beneficial in the following ways:-

1- You can reach local audience without wasting unnecessary money on untargeted areas.
2- You can reach users from specific country or state. This eliminates the need to send tweets to all your followers.
3-  You can reach mobile audiences who use smartphones to connect with Twitter.
4- Advertisers who use promoted tweets would be able to use targeted tweets.

Start your Ad

To start your promoted tweets, visit:-

Source :- 

Twitter Advertising

Mobile Seo

 Mobile Phone searches are increasing day after day and that year is not too far when we will witness mobile search taking over desktop search. As per the official Google Mobile blogWith a year-on-year growth rate of more than 250%, 850,000 new Android devices are activated each day, jetting the total number of Android devices around the world past 300 million. These numbers are a testament to the break-neck speed of innovation that defines the Android ecosystem.” This clearly gives us an indication of how fast mobile search is taking over desktop search.

World's Largest Smartphone Vendors

Mobile Seo Guidelines:How to do Mobile Seo? With the increasing searches done with the help of smartphones, it has become extremely necessary to start seriously about Mobile Seo. So, what's the difference between the traditional seo and Mobile seo? Nothing much, just change in the guidelines which are explained below:-
1- Get a separate version of Mobile website

You need to create a separ…

Top 10 Directory Submission Sites

 Directory submission is one of the basic methods of promoting a website on the World Wide Web. Search Engine Optimizers make use of web directories to get a backlink for their website.
 Top 10 web directories where you should submit your website 
1-Dmoz- Getting your site listed on Dmoz is tough but if you can get it right, you will get an invaluable and authority backlink for your website.

2-Yahoo Directory- Another great authority backlink source but its paid and charges a heavy amount of $299 per year for reviewing and listing a website.

3-BOTW- Best of the Web is one of the oldest available web directories on the internet and as such is trusted by Google,Yahoo and other search engines.

4- The most trusted resource for finding business vendors. It is a paid directory which costs $299 per year.

5- Webworldindex- An established directory containing quality sites. Options are present for both free and paid listing. The directory charges a modest $25 one time fee for…

Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with a whopping 2.37 billion active users

It is feasible for businesses to market their products and services on Facebook. 

Following a marketing strategy that could earn reasonable results would be a dream come true. 

This post would discuss the essentials of the Facebook Marketing Strategy. Facebook Marketing Strategy with measurable results
Why Choose Facebook?You should choose Facebook as it is the world’s most-accessed Social media. 

It has its presence in over 213 countries of the world with people accessing the social platform from Europe, Asia, NorthAmerica, South America, Africa, and Australia. 

Marketers can make use of enormous data available on Facebook which includes geographical location, interests, Gender, mobile users, etc. Where else can you find such a vast amount of user data compiled by locations and interests? It is the most preferred source of a marketing channel for businesses.

The Facebook PlatformLaunched in Feb…

Free Business Local Listings

Local listings are a great way to earn citations as well as valuable local niche backlinks for your website. There are several local business listing websites which offer a free listing for your business. These websites are local to city,country or niche. These include web directories, yellow pages, B2B directories,global directories,local city directories etc. The compiled list of websites which offer free business listing are given below:-

Country Wise Local Listing Websites (LIST YOUR BUSINESS FREE)USA

Judy's Book
City Slick
Magic Yellow
US online listings


Just Dial
Indian Industry
City Data
Exporters India


Anglo Business
Streetwise France
Lost in France





Google Rolls Out New Crawl Error Alert Feature in Webmasters

 Google has updated its Webmaster tools to add a new feature to enable the webmasters to add crawl alert forwarding to their inbox in case Google finds some issues related to the crawling of the website.

What's this new Crawl error alert feature?

Now, Google would send messages to your webmaster account in case it finds any issues related to crawling of your website. You may also forward the messages to your inbox by activating message forwarding.

What type of Crawl errors are supported?

Google has divided the crawl errors into two types:-

Site Error Alert - Serious error where Googlebots faces issues with site crawling like server misconfiguration, robots.txt inaccessibility etc.

Url Error Alert- Most common errors with websites like 404 not found errors. Google sends alert only when they encounter a large number of errors for any of the five categories of errors (Server error, Soft 404, Access denied, Not found or Not followed).

(Source)Read More:- Googleblog

Top Video Sites

Videos are a common medium of entertainment among a lot of internet users. Although, a majority of web users use YouTube as the major source of video but there are some players in the market who can give a strong competition to YouTube. These sites are mentioned below:-

1- YouTube
2- Metacafe
3- Dailymotion
4- Vimeo
5- Yahoo screen
6- Videosift
7- Veoh
8- Megavideo
9- Flurl

Following the KISS approach in SEO

KISS stands for “Keep it Simple Stupid” and following this approach in Seo is helpful. Seo is an industry which is evolving fast and things change frequently. As such, the professionals who belong to the seo industry must follow a simple approach while doing seo for their clients and they must remain open to learning.

Keep it Simple

Seo is all about keeping simple as much as possible. The strategies you follow, the techniques you use, should be simple and transparent. Many times it happens that your client’s asks about the strategies you will follow while doing the Seo for their website. It is your responsibility to explain in detail about the Seo process and the various methods you will use for doing on page and off page seo . The process should not be complicated and the client must feel that you are using genuine approach and keeping it transparent.

Keep it Stupid

Seo is something which needs research and learning. Your seo work must consist of 70% work and 30% research. I personally …