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Analyzing Your Competitor's Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important part of search engine algorithms and they constantly update the authority of backlinks, page rank based upon backlinks and rank websites accordingly.Every backlink is not equal. Search engine sees every backlink differently and you need to recognize this real power of backlinks. There are several ways to analyze your competitor's backlinks and these are explained below.

How to Analyze Competitor's Backlinks in Seo

Factor 1:- The total number of backlinks

Quantity matters as it is the direct indicator of popularity of a website. The greater the number of backlinks, the more popular a website is. You should analyze the total number of backlinks your competitor has by using free or paid backlink checker tools. These tools might give you an idea about the number of backlinks your competitor has. This does not means that links from spammy and FFA sites are helpful.

Q- How to increase my site's backlinks?

You may target social bookmarking and blogging sites in this regard. These sites are a better way to increase the number of backlinks to a site. For a complete list of link building methods, visit a more detailed tutorial- Linkbuilding.

Factor 2- The authority of backlinks

The next factor is judging the authority of backlinks. As said earlier, links from spammy sites do not work after the Penguin update. Google and other search engines analyze the backlink profile of the website and judges the quality of backlinks. Some places considered to be authority are given below:-

a- Links from University sites.
b- Links from Government websites.
c- Links from reputed organizations or companies.
d- Links from reputed news sites.

Q- How do you get authority backlinks?

Offer something free and useful for the audience.Government and authority websites often link to sources that are free and provide invaluable content to the user.

Factor 3- The Anchor Text of backlinks

You should analyze the anchor text of backlinks as the search engines calculate the distribution of proper anchor text while ranking web pages. Check which keywords has been used by the competitor as the anchor text and try to compare it with your website's anchor text.

Q- Shall we repeat the same anchor text again and again ?

No, you should not repeat the same anchor text again and again. You must keep the anchor text organic in nature.

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