Thursday, July 12, 2012

Following the KISS approach in SEO

Kiss in seo
KISS approach in SEO( Image source:- Potomacgrasshopper)
KISS stands for “Keep it Simple Stupid” and following this approach in Seo is helpful. Seo is an industry which is evolving fast and things change frequently. As such, the professionals who belong to the seo industry must follow a simple approach while doing seo for their clients and they must remain open to learning.

Keep it Simple

Seo is all about keeping simple as much as possible. The strategies you follow, the techniques you use, should be simple and transparent. Many times it happens that your client’s asks about the strategies you will follow while doing the Seo for their website. It is your responsibility to explain in detail about the Seo process and the various methods you will use for doing on page and off page seo . The process should not be complicated and the client must feel that you are using genuine approach and keeping it transparent.

Keep it Stupid

Seo is something which needs research and learning. Your seo work must consist of 70% work and 30% research. I personally feel , this is the ideal stragety to follow while doing any sort of Seo work. You should remain open to learning new things almost on a daily basis or to find new data related to your work. If you follow the same strategies list wise, which every other seo follows, then you will not learn new things . Hence, you must remain stupid all the time and learn as much as possible. Analyzing your competitors and keeping up-to-date with the latest search engine trends are necessary.

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