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Geo Targeting Ads From Twitter- Targeted Tweets

Twitter logo
Twitter Logo (Source- Twitter Blog)
Now you can promote your tweets in a specific state of your business area and reach more specific customers. This is a great move by Twitter which would help the local business owners to give a head start to their business campaign.


An example of a promoted tweet is given below:-

Targeted tweets
Example of a Promoted Tweet (Source:- Twitter)

How its beneficial?

Targeted tweets are beneficial in the following ways:-

1- You can reach local audience without wasting unnecessary money on untargeted areas.
2- You can reach users from specific country or state. This eliminates the need to send tweets to all your followers.
3-  You can reach mobile audiences who use smartphones to connect with Twitter.
4- Advertisers who use promoted tweets would be able to use targeted tweets.

Start your Ad

To start your promoted tweets, visit:-

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Twitter Advertising


andieclark said…
Your piece of idea is going to be very helpful to my direct marketing business. It's so convenient to use social media platforms in project promotion.