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Social Media Etiquette- Social Media Do's and Don'ts

People are spending more time on social media and there are several conversations going on covering almost every topic which you can think of. The next big thing in the world of internet is the "Social Media". There are several etiquette which one needs to follow for a better environment on these social sites.
Follow the Social Media Etiquette (Image Source:- careerrocketeer)

Social Media Etiquette Do's and Dont's


Do share what's useful

If you belong to any community or group then you should share something that is useful and relevant to the community or group. Sharing and contributing to the growth of the community adds to your reputation and promotes a healthy conversation.

Do count your words

You must count your words and say more in a little. One good example is Twitter which allows only 140 characters per tweet. Posts that are extremely long are often avoided. Instead, share that is important and avoid including unnecessary words.

Be original

You must use your original identity across all your social media networks. People love to communicate with original profiles and they can easily figure out what's not original. To promote a healthy social environment, you must remain true and always provide your original identity.

Do Remain Active

Social Media is all about sharing your opinions and remain active. You must respond to other shares,tweets,messages and must remain active. The more you remain active, the more your profile would be visible to others.


Do not share confidential information

You must not share confidential information with the general audience. You must not share phone numbers, credit card numbers, home address without the permission of the user.

Do not Spam

Spamming and social media go hand to hand. Almost every third person is found spamming in these sites. Experts say that around 40% account on Facebook and Twitter are spam.Spamming can be done by posting the same message again and again, creating fake accounts, etc.

Do not annoy anyone

Social media platforms are for user engagement, these are not meant to annoy anyone. Hence, you should not make fun of others, poke anyone unnecessarily, send constant messages etc. Remember you are here to make friends not enemies.

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