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Top 10 Facebook Apps for promoting your Business Page

Facebook apps
Facebook Apps for Business(Image Source:- Maypalo)
With the growth of Facebook as a social media platform, businesses have starting spending on the marketing channels of Facebook. The main business wing of Facebook is the Fan page which helps a business to grow on the world’s largest social media platform.

Top 10 Business Apps for Facebook Page

 1- Networked Blogs

Add your blog on Networked Blogs and connect with other bloggers, friends, news feeds. Post news feed about your posts directly on Facebook, Twitter and Mobile. It has been correctly described as "Panorama of stories and pictures".

2-  Youtube Apps

It lets you display videos from YouTube directly on the wall of your fan page.

3- Livestream

It lets you broadcast your events live on Facebook and even has a chat feature for live chatting with your fans.

4- Slideshare Apps

Slideshare is the world's largest website for sharing presentations. You can add this app to share presentations created on Powerpoint, PDF etc. on your facebook page.

5- Pinterest Tab

Pinterest is the latest social media buzz. You can combine the influence of Pinterest with Facebook and get the most for your business. With this App you can show your Pinterest boards as a tab on a Facebook Page.

6- Iwipa

Let's your build an entire website inside your Facebook Page. You can create tabs,pages and may also integrate Google analytics.

7- Contactme

It lets anyone to contact your business easily. It is the easiest way to add a contact tab on your fan page.

8- Twitter and Flickr Apps

You can allow your flickr pics and your twitter tweets to get posted on your Facebook wall after you integrate the above applications into your facebook page.

9- Social eCart

You can sell products directly on your Facebook page with the help of this amazing app. It allows you to easily seel and promotes your products on FB.

10- My Polls

Engage with your audience on FB by adding My Polls app into your Fan page. It allows you to publish a poll on your Facebook timeline and get the results.

Need more? 

If you need more applications for your business then visit the Facebook Application directory. This directory is the storehouse of all the applications available on Facebook.

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