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What is a Webinar?

Webinar Meaning and List of Webinar Software

Webinar is composed of two words - Web + Seminar = Webinar. It is a form of web conferencing wherein several people connect together and discuss on a topic. The advantage it offers is that people from remote and far off places may connect together via webinar and share their thoughts using internet technologies based on TCP/IP.

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 A webinar has a host (the speaker) while others are attendees to the Webinar. The speaker engages with the audience using slideshows, videos, whiteboard, text chat etc. Each and everyone present on a Webinar may produce their views and opinions and this way a live interactive session is made possible. This form of communication via Webinar is growing popularity as it is eliminating the need of a physical place for discussion.

Webinar Software

Anymeeting- Host any video conference for free. (Free upto 200 attendees)
Clickwebinar- Audio and Video conferencing with moderated and private chat. (Provides 30 day free trial)
Megameeting- One of the most popular web conferencing software.  (Provides customized solutions)
Gotomeeting- Another well known webinar software. (Offers 30 day free trial)
Communique- Award winning Webinar software.
Stealhseminar- Provides whole lot of features with chat,phone and video webinars.
Ilinc- Educational Webinar providing features of a virtual classroom.

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