Thursday, August 30, 2012

3 Seo Fundamentals every webmaster should follow

Seo is both an art as well as science. There are three basic fundamentals of search engine optimization which every webmaster must know in order to make their website more search engine friendly as well user friendly.

SEO Fundamentals

1-      Prepare a site for the user

Seo Fundamentals for webmaster
Seo Fundamentals for Webmaster (Image source:-
Every seo is often misguided by the fact that site must be created as per the search engine ranking algorithm in order to get the full advantage and eventually good rankings. This is totally wrong. Ask a question to yourself- Who will use the website? The search engine or the user? Hence, it is always better to create a website for the user. You must follow the search engine guidelines while creating a website which means that your site must be easily crawlable and should have relevant content and meta tags. Remember to focus on the user so that when any user visits your website he/she says vow and shares the site with their friends. The well known saying is “First impression is the last impression” so make sure that any person who visits your website for the first time must be willing to return to your site often. Your site should have something for the user so that he is persuaded to return. Direct visits to websites do matter.

2-      Share your content and get backlinks

After you have prepared a nice website for your audience, its time to spread the content of your site on the social media channels and get backlinks. The only thing that holds the most weightage is the backlink. The more the number of backlinks to your website, the higher the reputation, the higher the reputation, the higher the domain authority and the higher the domain authority, the higher your site would rank. Building backlinks is a strategy that is followed for over years to come. Forget about making thousands of links per day and ranking within a week. Seo requires Patience. If you want your first fundamental well and share your site on the social media channels, you will be amazed to see people have already started creating backlinks for you.This happens because the users love your website. This is what Google wants, create website that is loved by users and we will rank you high.

3-      Maintain the freshness of content

Everybody loves fresh content leaving certain exceptions where freshness is not necessary. IF you are having a website where there is ample scope to add content on a daily basis then do that. Google loves to crawl and rank sites that are adding fresh content on a regular basis. If you are having a website theme where it’s not possible to add content on a daily basis then create a blog on your site and start adding content on it. This will help you to bring in the crawlers to your site and regular crawler visit guarantees that your site is in constant touch with the search engines. Frequent crawler visits would definitely help you to rank up. Also, people love to visit website that are adding and updating content frequently. This helps in showing the activeness of the website and active means life. Life means everything. Another advantage that adding regular content would offer is more scope of ranking and better internal links. The more pages in your site, the more content you will have, the more content you will have, the more the chances of your site rankings for some keyword or the other. Try y to add contextual links to inner pages of your site whenever you can as this is helpful for the user as well as the search engines.

You must follow these three fundamentals of seo and give some time for your website to show up on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex or other search engines. Grab people’s love and the search engines would be forced to move your website higher up.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Google Patent Named Ranking Documents To Penalize Spammers

US-PatentTrademarkOffice-Seal (Image source:-
Google is planning to take action on websites which try to manipulate the organic rankings by doing changes on their website or building links within a specified time period. This time period is measured and compared using a method which is more appropriately known as ranking documents. Now Google would not fall prey to the tactics used by the webmasters in manipulating the rankings, instead it would use the power of ranking documents to measure correctly the kind of changes that a webmaster did for his/her site and the reactions in ranking correspondingly. This technique confuses a spammer and helps the genuinely popular websites to rank well. This is a strict warning to those webmasters who constantly change the on page elements on their website. Google would be able to find those elements which had remained unidentified by Google’s spam prevention algorithm.

Ranking Documents

The Three Ranks

There are three types of ranks associated with this Patent. These are given below:-

First Rank

It happens when you make first changes to your website (Remember it may happen through both on page and off page optimization). Google gives you its first rank which can be positive or negative.

Second Rank

This can be called as the target rank or the final rank that your website would get after the transition period is over. This rank would come after the transition period is over. You can think of transition period as the time period where Google keeps an eye on your tactics.

Transition Rank

This is the rank which confuses the webmasters and forces them to review their tactics, ultimately allowing Google to detect the methods used to manipulate Google rankings. Hence, the webmasters should be careful with their strategy during this time period.

What changes are expected?

Be ready for some awkward behavior by Google. You might gain rankings, lose rankings, or remain stable in rankings for an unspecified period of time after doing changes on your site. If you recently made some changes on the website but do not see improvement or see a negative rankings happening then do not panic. This is bound to happen because of this patent.

What to do next?

Forget about keyword stuffing, title keyword stuffing, keyword stuffed description or search engine focused content. Create website only for the users. Create titles that are user friendly, give appropriate descriptions assuming a user is reading them, do not stuff keywords on H1 tags or other areas. Be straight in your link building approach; find authoritative sources of links, no need to follow a particular strategy, change your link building strategy time to time. Remember one good link is better than hundreds of bad links. Quality of links matters more than quantity. The truth is if you are maintaining a quality site focused on users and if the users are loving you then no such patents can stop your website from showing up on the search results. Just remain focused on following search engine guidelines, avoid spamming, build backlinks but revise your strategy, do not make on page changes so often and add fresh content to your website regularly. These things would surely help your website to achieve good rankings.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Site Analysis Tools

Site Analysis Tools
Make use of these effective Site analysis tools (Image source:- inkity)
Whenever we start doing Seo for a website, it’s necessary to do a proper analysis of the website in order to find out the flaws present in it. A well guided, comprehensive site analysis helps us to understand the areas where our website is lacking focus and helps us to take actions based on the guidelines mentioned on the report. A proper site analysis report must mention both on page as well as off page analysis.

There are several tools available online which may help in preparing a comprehensive site analysis report. The complete list of Site Analysis Tools is mentioned below:-

List of Site Analysis Tools

Seoworkers – A great tool which helps in analyzing the complete on page metrics related to a website. The best part of this tool is that it displays a complete list of keywords found in anchor text and a complete list of url present on your site.

Alexa- It is the most popular tool for finding the traffic and reputation of any website. Primarily it is a tool for analyzing the off page metrics and popularity of a website. Some of data that you can find out via Alexa are traffic rank, reputation, top queries for search traffic, search traffic via graph, percentage of visitors from any particular country etc.

Compete- Helps to identify the web traffic to a website more appropriately. Most of the other metrics are paid but still it is a good measure to track the exact traffic of a website.

Pingdom- It is the best tool for finding the loading time of a website which is an important metric in the ranking of a website. This tool would show you the total size of the page and the loading time of each element present on the page.

Seomoz- Probably the best set of tools for the seo’s but the bad part is that its paid. So if you are ready to shed $99 per month then these tools are a powerhouse. You may use opensiteexplorer for analyzing the domain authority and reputation of your website. This tool is free.

Webseoanalytics- This tool displays the key metrics related to the analysis of awebsite. Some of the metrics displayed in this tool are domain analysis, traffic analysis, page analysis, link structure analysis and errors and warnings. This tool also gives the option to download the report for its registered members.

Spydermate- It offers a comprehensive set of seo tools for paid members. It provides full site auditor and SERP tracker.

Gmetrix- Another tool for analyzing the page loading time.

Hubspot- This tool is liked by many internet marketers and is voted one of the best seo analysis tools. This tools helps us to analyze the on page as well as off page metrics related to the website and also provides a grade for every website.

Socialmention- Ideal for finding out the number of mentions of your website on the popular social media channels. It tells you about the authors who shared your url or mentioned a reference of your website. Great tool for measuring the social media presence of any website.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

How to develop content for Facebook Marketing

Develop Content For Facebook
Develop Content (Image Source:- Ecmconnection)

Facebook is the largest social networking platform of the world with over 900 million + users. Businesses are constantly finding new ways to engage with their existing fans and increase their fan base. Facebook is all about user generated content. It is the single most factor which is the soul of Facebook’s success. So, what should be your ideal modes of generating user engagement content on Facebook so that it adds to the success of your Facebook MarketingStrategy. Let’s discuss some of the vital ways through which you can develop healthy and long lived content which could last long in terms of visibility on Facebook.

Developing Content For Facebook Marketing

Review the assets of your brand and use them

Every brand has its own assets through which the customers easily recognize them. Use the assets of your brand to engage with your audience. Some examples of company assets can be images, videos, testimonials, press releases etc. Share these with your fan base and ask fans to provide their views. Remember, these should be accompanied by proper tagline and a question which would persuade the user to comment or answer.

Comment whole heartedly

The best way to engage with your audience is to comment on the existing discussion. Always keep in mind that these discussions go a long way in spreading your content so take out some time to comment on the existing discussions so that more audience become interested in it. Commenting is an art it itself and a good marketer knows when, how and what to comment.

Drive audiences with free offers

The word “FREE” is always spotted by people and they want to make the most of it. Facebook is the best medium to offer something free or offer some special discounts in order to spread the word of your brand. This is one of the best ways to attract a loyal fan base. Just giving out offers won’t work. The offer should be generated keeping in mind your targeted audience. Often the minded marketers do not shed any extra money but use the power of existing Facebook applications to offer some virtual opportunities to audience which works both ways; It helps the brand to popularize its business while it also keeps the user busy.

Use the power of applications

Facebook applications are a great way to enhance the design and look of your page . You can use the power of applications to easily integrate your tweets from twitter accounts, videos from YouTube channel, slides and presentations from Slideshare etc. Some well known applications which you can use to your success are Youtube apps, Livestream, Slideshare apps, Pinterest tab, Twitter apps, Flickr apps etc. Thus you can integrate the power of so many preferred sources of content into one.

Thus, these are the great ways through which you can generate content and promote it across your Facebook channels. The power of applications combined with your marketing presence of mind would help you to develop user engaging content and would allow your business to spread and reach many more thousands and millions of people using Facebook.

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Domain Authority and its impact on Google’s search results- SEO RESEARCH SERIES-Part 2

Today’s topic of discussion is Domain Authority and its impact on Google’s search results. First, let me start by giving you a hint on what’s exactly is Domain Authority? 

Domain Authority

Seo Research Series
Seo Research (Image Source:-

Google’s ranking algorithm judges web pages on the basis of domain authority and relevancy. Relevancy is related to the content on the web page while Authority is related to the popularity of the website. Domain Authority is measured by the number of backlinks pointing to your website. 

What Google thinks

Imagine you listen to 10 words spoken by a saint and 50 words spoken by a stranger. Who would you believe more? I am sure you would believe the saint more than a stranger! Google thinks the same way. It believes the content present on the authority domains to be of more importance and even if the content is less, it values more and ranks high on the search engines. On the other hand, if you have lots of content on your site which lacks Domain Authority, it would still be considered to be of less importance. 

It’s impact on search results

Websites having high Domain Authority are ranked well on the Google search results. These sites are looked upon as trusted sites by Google and hence it gives the sites really good rankings. Here’s an example of how Domain Authority can help your website get lots of traffic.

Example 1:- Checking the impact of rankings on keyword " how to reach Allahabad from Varanasi"

In the example above, the same website is ranking on top 2 results displayed by Google for the keyword “how to reach Allahabad from Varanasi".

The results are more shocking when you search by changing the search setting to 50 results per page.
This time the first 8 results are shared by just 3 websites.

Example 2:- Checking the impact of rankings on keyword " calculate domain authority"

In the example above, first 4 places of Google rankings for the keyword “calculate domain authority” has been taken by the same website.

When we set the search results to 50, the first 9 results are returned from the same domain.
These results clearly suggest the power of Domain Authority. 

How to calculate Domain Authority

There are several tools with the help of which you can calculate the Domain Authority of your site. These sites are mentioned below:-

How to get D/A

Backlinks are directly related to the Domain Authority of a website. The more the backlinks coming from higher authoritative sources, the higher would be your Domain authority. You may calculate the reputation of your site by analyzing the backlinks shown in Alexa. This would give you an idea about your well your site is performing on search engines. Open Site Explorer is always a great way to analyze the number of backlinks pointing to your site. Getting a lot of backlinks from high Domain Authority website definitely helps in increasing the D/A of your website.

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