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3 Seo Fundamentals every webmaster should follow

Seo is both an art as well as science. There are three basic fundamentals of search engine optimization which every webmaster must know in order to make their website more search engine friendly as well user friendly.

SEO Fundamentals

1-      Prepare a site for the user

Seo Fundamentals for webmaster
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Every seo is often misguided by the fact that site must be created as per the search engine ranking algorithm in order to get the full advantage and eventually good rankings. This is totally wrong. Ask a question to yourself- Who will use the website? The search engine or the user? Hence, it is always better to create a website for the user. You must follow the search engine guidelines while creating a website which means that your site must be easily crawlable and should have relevant content and meta tags. Remember to focus on the user so that when any user visits your website he/she says vow and shares the site with their friends. The well known saying is “First impression is the last impression” so make sure that any person who visits your website for the first time must be willing to return to your site often. Your site should have something for the user so that he is persuaded to return. Direct visits to websites do matter.

2-      Share your content and get backlinks

After you have prepared a nice website for your audience, its time to spread the content of your site on the social media channels and get backlinks. The only thing that holds the most weightage is the backlink. The more the number of backlinks to your website, the higher the reputation, the higher the reputation, the higher the domain authority and the higher the domain authority, the higher your site would rank. Building backlinks is a strategy that is followed for over years to come. Forget about making thousands of links per day and ranking within a week. Seo requires Patience. If you want your first fundamental well and share your site on the social media channels, you will be amazed to see people have already started creating backlinks for you.This happens because the users love your website. This is what Google wants, create website that is loved by users and we will rank you high.

3-      Maintain the freshness of content

Everybody loves fresh content leaving certain exceptions where freshness is not necessary. IF you are having a website where there is ample scope to add content on a daily basis then do that. Google loves to crawl and rank sites that are adding fresh content on a regular basis. If you are having a website theme where it’s not possible to add content on a daily basis then create a blog on your site and start adding content on it. This will help you to bring in the crawlers to your site and regular crawler visit guarantees that your site is in constant touch with the search engines. Frequent crawler visits would definitely help you to rank up. Also, people love to visit website that are adding and updating content frequently. This helps in showing the activeness of the website and active means life. Life means everything. Another advantage that adding regular content would offer is more scope of ranking and better internal links. The more pages in your site, the more content you will have, the more content you will have, the more the chances of your site rankings for some keyword or the other. Try y to add contextual links to inner pages of your site whenever you can as this is helpful for the user as well as the search engines.

You must follow these three fundamentals of seo and give some time for your website to show up on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex or other search engines. Grab people’s love and the search engines would be forced to move your website higher up.

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