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Domain Authority and its impact on Google’s search results- SEO RESEARCH SERIES-Part 2

Today’s topic of discussion is Domain Authority and its impact on Google’s search results. First, let me start by giving you a hint on what’s exactly is Domain Authority? 

Domain Authority

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Google’s ranking algorithm judges web pages on the basis of domain authority and relevancy. Relevancy is related to the content on the web page while Authority is related to the popularity of the website. Domain Authority is measured by the number of backlinks pointing to your website. 

What Google thinks

Imagine you listen to 10 words spoken by a saint and 50 words spoken by a stranger. Who would you believe more? I am sure you would believe the saint more than a stranger! Google thinks the same way. It believes the content present on the authority domains to be of more importance and even if the content is less, it values more and ranks high on the search engines. On the other hand, if you have lots of content on your site which lacks Domain Authority, it would still be considered to be of less importance. 

It’s impact on search results

Websites having high Domain Authority are ranked well on the Google search results. These sites are looked upon as trusted sites by Google and hence it gives the sites really good rankings. Here’s an example of how Domain Authority can help your website get lots of traffic.

Example 1:- Checking the impact of rankings on keyword " how to reach Allahabad from Varanasi"

In the example above, the same website is ranking on top 2 results displayed by Google for the keyword “how to reach Allahabad from Varanasi".

The results are more shocking when you search by changing the search setting to 50 results per page.
This time the first 8 results are shared by just 3 websites.

Example 2:- Checking the impact of rankings on keyword " calculate domain authority"

In the example above, first 4 places of Google rankings for the keyword “calculate domain authority” has been taken by the same website.

When we set the search results to 50, the first 9 results are returned from the same domain.
These results clearly suggest the power of Domain Authority. 

How to calculate Domain Authority

There are several tools with the help of which you can calculate the Domain Authority of your site. These sites are mentioned below:-

How to get D/A

Backlinks are directly related to the Domain Authority of a website. The more the backlinks coming from higher authoritative sources, the higher would be your Domain authority. You may calculate the reputation of your site by analyzing the backlinks shown in Alexa. This would give you an idea about your well your site is performing on search engines. Open Site Explorer is always a great way to analyze the number of backlinks pointing to your site. Getting a lot of backlinks from high Domain Authority website definitely helps in increasing the D/A of your website.

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