Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Free Analytics Tools for Websites

Analytics is required to measure the success of your seo or sem campaign. Proper measurement and analysis helps to measure the return on investment. There are several free web analytics tools which you may use to measure the success of your campaigns.

1- Google Analytics 

Google analytics dashboard
Google Analytics Dashboard (Image source:- Google Analytics )

A free tool from the search engine giant, Google itself. This tool lets you measure the ROI and helps you to analyze the amount of visitors to your site, the geographical location of the visitors, the bounce rate, conversation tracking etc.

2- Going Up

Going up analytics dashboard
Going up analytics dashboard (Image source:- Going up )

Another free web analytics tool which produces usage statistics from the server logs. It provides recent visitor locations, recent visitors map, keyword research, heat maps, goal tracking etc.

3- Clicky

Clicky dashboard
Clicky Dashboard (Image source:- Clicky)
 Clicky offers a free web analytics platform for single website. It is a real time analytics service. It allows you the view the history of individual pages of your website. It offers visitor segmentation and Twitter analytics.

4- Gostats

Gostats (Image source:- Gostats)

Another great website providing free hit counters and web stats.

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