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Google changes its Favicon

Google has a new favicon in the shape of g with a light blue colored background as given below:-

new google favicon 2012
New Google Favicon (Image source:- Omgchrome)

Google has not updated its favicon since the year 2009 so it’s a good move by Google. The light colored Google favicon looks good and is soothing to the eyes. It looks similar to the one used in 2008.A thumbs up from my side. Google was planning to change its icon from February 2012, when the news spread on searchengineroundtable. Now, the time has come and finally Google has given a new look to its old favicon.


Anonymous said…
I hate the new icon! It is so generic it's practically invisible among my open tabs. I am becoming less and less patient with these pretentious minimalist designs. (Thanks so much, Apple!) Functionality is what matters to me. I much prefer the Google icons that were easily distinguishable from everyone else's.