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How to create Facebook Ads that generates revenue

Increase your revenue with Facebook Ads (Image credit:- Insider Sales)
Facebook has become one of the most visited social media platform of the web. It has over 900 million people and growing. Marketing on Facebook is required to target customers whether local or international. Proper Facebook marketing strategy is required to get increased return on investments. One of the major parts of starting a Facebook marketing campaign is Ads. Marketing can be done via ads and creating proper ads that pays well is important.

Guidelines for creating Facebook Ads from marketers point of view

1-      Choose a catchy title

Catchy title means title that can catch the attention of the customers. Title creation is a creative job, so appoint the right persons for this job. Having a catchy headline for your ad would help in greater clicks and clickthrough rates. This would improve the quality of the ad and increase its visibility.

2-      Question the customer (?)

Often people have a tendency to click on the ads where a question has been asked and they know the answer or the question has been asked which relate directly to their likes. So, its more than a good strategy to ask questions. User engagement increases this way and if the user is clicking on your ad means you have the best possible chance to generate sales.

3-      Use Images

People love images, so it is recommended to use images in your ads. Now, the choice of the image is also an important factor and is equivalent to a catcy title. A catcy image can persuade the customers to click on your ad. On the other hand, a boring text only ad would have lesser chances of better clickthrough. You must use images that relate your products or services and presents them before your audience.
Special Offers can increase sales (Image source:- bestvpnservice)

4-      Include Phone Numbers

Give instant opportunities to generate sales and customer engagement. You must include Phone Numbers in your ads to enable the customers to contact you almost instantly after seeing your ad. Many times it happens that the user is so much interested in your services after seeing your ad that he calls you even before he clicks your ad. This can save you money while generating good business.

5-      Use proper color combination in your ad

I have seen many businesses use an awkard color combination for displaying their ads on Facebok. This degrades the user experience and the user is almost unlikely to click on your ad. On the other hand, if you are using perfect color combination for your ad then it might give you a good response. Hence, work on the color part and take the help of designers.

6-      Ask the user to take some action

When the user sees an ad asking them to take an action, majority of them would perform that action. So, it is advised to find a particular action that can lead to sales and promote it via Facebook ads. This would take serious thinking and proper planning.

7-      Use local baits

If you are targeting customers on a particular area then you must target them by mentioning some local terms and words. This would act as a bait and persuade them to know more about it. People love local resources and trust them more. Hence, if your business focuses completely on local community, you won’t get a platform better than Facebook. Find out what people locals like and integrate it with your services to create an engaging ad. Wait and watch for the magic to happen.

8-      Send out a Special offer

People like special offers. Use this mentality of people and send out a special offer which would make it harder for the people to ignore it. What about “Only 10 places left, book now! “ or “End of Season Sale- Flat 50% off” or “Free maintenance for 2 years” etc.

9-      Use Brand Names

Trust plays a big part in advertising. You must use brand names wherever possible in the ad copy. People trust popular brands and if the combination is of brand+special offer then it works!

10-  Use Testimonials

You may also use testimonials from loyal customers and spread the word about your brand. People trust other people’s words as they think them to be trustworthy and unbiased. Use ratings and reviews and make your ad look trustworthy.

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