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Rich Snippets in Google

When you enter any query on Google, it returns a list of results with Title and a little description of every web page which it thinks is relevant to the query. This combination of text which helps a user to have an idea of the web page is known as snippet. Rich snippet means, now the normal snippet is enhanced by including images, reviews, ratings etc from the web page to be displayed in a new format in the search results.

Example of a Rich snippet

An example of a rich snippet is shown below:-

Google Rich Snippets
Google Rich Snippets

What to include in your web page?

In order to enable Google to display rich snippets for your website, you must add the following features in your site:-
  • Reviews (For shopping sites)
  • People (For displaying author information on web pages)
  • Products (For shopping sites)
  • Businesses and organizations (For individual businesses or organizations)
  • Recipes (For recipe and food websites)
  • Events (Would display Event date,time,place in the search results)
  • Music (Would display selected audios with duration )
How to include these features?

You can include these features in your website with the help of Microdata which helps you to label your content to describe your information.

Test your web page 

After you have added the above features in your website, you must test your website with the Rich snippet testing tool. This would enable you to see and test your web page for a proper snippet of your web page.

All done, then be patient because it takes some time for Google to display the rich snippets for your website. See what Matt Cutts has to say in this regard:- 


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