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Seo Copywriting

seo copywriting
Seo Copywriting (Image source:- Tammyswoish)
Seo Copywriting is the process of changing the page text in order to make the web page more relevant for certain keywords for ranking them in the search engines. It is an art of using text in a way that is useful for both the user as well as the search engines. It is one of the essential part of search engine optimization. Earlier, Seo copywriting used to be adding keywords on the page text for ranking well on search engines but now the practice is changing. Now, the changed text is targeted for both the user as well as the search engines. Seo copyrighting includes changing the Meta and other elements of the web page like H1 and bold tags and also adjusting keywords into the content of the web page.

Seo Copywriting Essentials

1-      Effective change of Meta tags, Title Tags, H1 tags, Bold tags, Italics tags, Emphasis tags etc is required.
2-      Adjusting the keywords on the main content body is required.
3-      Choosing relevant title of the content, both from the user point of view as well as the search engine’s point of view is needed.
4-      Text added should persuade the user to take actions.
5-      The user should spend more time on the site. Normal content without presentability is not considered good.
6-      Adding pictures and videos often work is increasing the time spent on the site by the user.
7-      Separate content via headlines and sub headlines.
8-      Using the keywords in bold but only when required and this should not be overused.
9-      Quality rating is under process so creating content for the user works.
10-  Adding contextual links and references and citations also works well.
11-  Adding ratings and reviews to increase user engagement.
12-  Using marketing words to the maximum effect so that it may lead to sales.

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Sean Rasmussen said…
Simple yet direct. This type of enumeration is best to refer what copywriting is and how it can help each blogger out there on how they must handle their content and create one properly.