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Site Analysis Tools

Site Analysis Tools
Make use of these effective Site analysis tools (Image source:- inkity)
Whenever we start doing Seo for a website, it’s necessary to do a proper analysis of the website in order to find out the flaws present in it. A well guided, comprehensive site analysis helps us to understand the areas where our website is lacking focus and helps us to take actions based on the guidelines mentioned on the report. A proper site analysis report must mention both on page as well as off page analysis.

There are several tools available online which may help in preparing a comprehensive site analysis report. The complete list of Site Analysis Tools is mentioned below:-

List of Site Analysis Tools

Seoworkers – A great tool which helps in analyzing the complete on page metrics related to a website. The best part of this tool is that it displays a complete list of keywords found in anchor text and a complete list of url present on your site.

Alexa- It is the most popular tool for finding the traffic and reputation of any website. Primarily it is a tool for analyzing the off page metrics and popularity of a website. Some of data that you can find out via Alexa are traffic rank, reputation, top queries for search traffic, search traffic via graph, percentage of visitors from any particular country etc.

Compete- Helps to identify the web traffic to a website more appropriately. Most of the other metrics are paid but still it is a good measure to track the exact traffic of a website.

Pingdom- It is the best tool for finding the loading time of a website which is an important metric in the ranking of a website. This tool would show you the total size of the page and the loading time of each element present on the page.

Seomoz- Probably the best set of tools for the seo’s but the bad part is that its paid. So if you are ready to shed $99 per month then these tools are a powerhouse. You may use opensiteexplorer for analyzing the domain authority and reputation of your website. This tool is free.

Webseoanalytics- This tool displays the key metrics related to the analysis of awebsite. Some of the metrics displayed in this tool are domain analysis, traffic analysis, page analysis, link structure analysis and errors and warnings. This tool also gives the option to download the report for its registered members.

Spydermate- It offers a comprehensive set of seo tools for paid members. It provides full site auditor and SERP tracker.

Gmetrix- Another tool for analyzing the page loading time.

Hubspot- This tool is liked by many internet marketers and is voted one of the best seo analysis tools. This tools helps us to analyze the on page as well as off page metrics related to the website and also provides a grade for every website.

Socialmention- Ideal for finding out the number of mentions of your website on the popular social media channels. It tells you about the authors who shared your url or mentioned a reference of your website. Great tool for measuring the social media presence of any website.

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Ryan counts said…
Yeah using web traffic analysis tools are very important.Without knowing where your traffic comes from or when and why it leaves, your website will not be able to become the successful website you want it to be.These are some good options but there are many better free web analytics tools available now a days.Another good option is Simple hit counter.Free online user counter tools are available in order to help you track the activities of customers instantly without any hassle.
really there is good information ...i am first time here and i found good from you..really good work..