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Top seo ranking factors 2012

2012 had a lot to witness with Panda and Penguin updates coming down to improve the quality of search results and preventing search spam respectively, the ranking factors have changed considerably. The top seo rankings factors for 2012 are given below:-

User Friendly Content (Image source:- Mazapoint)
1- Generate User Friendly Content

User friendly content is one of the essentials for ranking. Many webmasters are making the mistake of generating "Seo friendly content" consisting just keywords and a little content but the fact this type of content would not do well in the coming years. You need to focus yourself in creating content that is useful to the user. The user should love your content and your content should persuade the user to share it on the social media sites.

2- Improve The Site Structure

Site structure has an important part to play in the year 2012. You must have search engine friendly urls, proper use of anchor text while linking to inner pages, using contextual links whenever useful from user point of view, decreasing the loading time of the site, using external CSS etc.

3- Acquire Authority Backlinks

Getting authority backlinks is not easy. You need to create a separate strategy for getting good authority backlinks. These backlinks are like gold coins and these would help your site's rankings to boost up provided the other ranking factors remains intact. If your site has a lot of user friendly content then you may easily get authority backlinks. Follow the steps given below:-

a- Find out sites that are having link pages for sites similar to yours.
b- Visit the linked sites and see what type of content they offer?
c- Compare the content presented on those websites with yours. Make necessary changes to make your content standapart from them.
d- Email the webmaster, politely asking for a backlink.

If your site is user friendly and has something useful for the user then in more than 80% of the cases, I have seen this strategy work successfully.

Please note:- Do not repeatedly send emails to the webmaster again and again. You need to wait patiently until the reply comes. Patience is the key here.

4- Get Social Media Presence

Social Media and Seo now goes hand to hand. You cannot do complete Seo, unless you do Social media optimization. People are flooding into these social media sites and you need to make the most use if it. The search engines trust the users the most and if the users are found sharing and commenting your site or webpages of your sites then they would start ranking your website better than before. Remember, only having social media presence would not work. Each and every factor is essential for good search engine rankings.

5- Add Fresh Content To Your Site Regularly

Fresh is good (Image source:- Webmastergrade)
Adding new and fresh content to your site makes the search engine crawlers busy and they keep on visiting your website. The more they visit your site, the more trust they will start showing your site as the search engines just love "Fresh Content" . If you find it difficult to add content on the site then start a blog and add a post daily on the blog using contextual links wherever possible.

6- Check Bounce Rate and Clickthrough Rate

After the Panda update, these metrics have become more important. These metrics are an ideal way for the search engines to judge the user friendliness of the content. If the user is leaving your site from the landing page itself then the bounce rate would increase and this would work as a signal for the search engines to assume that your content is not compelling. The other way to judge the likeness of content is the clickthrough rate which means how many times people click on your site after your site get displayed on the search results. The more clicks means better clickthrough rate and the better clickthrough rate means user is willing to click on your content and thus liking your page.  Hence, you need to carefully analyze these two metrics of your website.

7- Use Content Curation

Article marketing has been taken over by Content curation.  The concept of content curation is nice and helps the marketers to use the existing content available on the web to create something new and unique for the audience and at the same time gives them an opportunity to market their own website. There are several tools for content curation but the use of is strongly recommended.

8- Use Article Marketing Wisely

Use of article rewriter is slowly declining. Article marketing would still help but you need to create unique and original content for the audience.  Getting links from high quality article marketing sites like Ezine would still help. If you are planning to get lots of backlinks from these sites then please revise your strategy. You must have the right mix of backlinks from all types of sites such that your backlink profile looks original. If your site is already having authority backlinks, then you may get a few links from article directories. But constantly creating backlinks using these sites should be avoided. Instead, you should opt for guest posting.

9- Guest Posting Still Works

Guest posting is probably one of the best ways of getting good backlinks. There are many blogs and websites which accepts guest posting. You need to apply on these websites as a guest blogger and submit original content. You can add a backlink to your site from the author bio.

10- Get Backlinks From These Authority Sites

I will make your work easier by listing some of the best places where you can get an authority backlink:-

Google Places
White Pages

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