Monday, August 13, 2012

Top ways to get natural backlinks to your site

Natural Backlinks are your best sources of backlinks because it provides two advantages

1- It is provided by people who are genuinely interested in your site. Hence, its good for your business and is the best measurement of your popularity.

2- You do not need to worry about any of Google updates related to web spam as site having lots of natural backlinks are loved by Google.

The best example of web source that has lots of natural backlinks is Wikipedia. People as well search engines love Wikipedia and the open site explorer has also given Wikipedia a domain authority of 100. Such vast popularity is not achieved in a day or a fortnight, you need to have lots of patience in order to get natural backlinks.

8 ways to get natural backlinks

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1- Offer free stuff to your audience like free E-book and include links to your website from the ebook. Often people link to free stuffs.

2- Offer images on your site and provide embed code for each image that would contain your site backlink.

3- Provide good content on your site as people like to link stuff that is considered authoritative and extremely good.

4- Provide free widgets for your audience containing a reference to your website.

5- Visit live events, conferences and connect to as many people as you can. The impression you leave would persuade them to provide a backlink to your main business site.

6- Guest blogging is still one of the most preferred ways of link building.

7- Create some videos featuring the top authorities of your company and allow users to embed them in their blog or website.

8- Always remain in focus and publish press releases. Reporters are looking for good sources of news and if your website or brand is providing newsworthy content that you might get a few backlinks this way.

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